Quite the Father!

When some of our girl cousins came to visit recently, they camped out in the play room.  This was the sign they made to claim their territory:

If you can't read it, it says, "WELCOME to the sleepover if you are Stella, Sydney, Clara, Sammy, or parents come on in!!!!  No coming in if you are not a girl."

Ben was not impressed.

At all.

I was grinning from ear to ear as I listened to Ben and Clara bicker when Ben tried to enter the forbidden territory.  They were both so self-assured and logical in their arguments.  There was just a (sort of creepy) calm boldness from both of them.

Ben, "Let me in.  I need to get something out of there."

Clara, "I'm sorry Ben.  You can't.  You're not allowed in this room.  This is the girls' room."

"I can come in.  Step aside and let me through."

"But it's against the rules.  See?  Is your name Stella, Sydney, Clara, or Sammy?"


"Well then....the sign says you can't come in.  You have to listen to the sign.  It's the rule."

"Yes, but the sign says parents can go in."

"Well yeah....but you're not a parent, so you can't go in."

"I AM a parent."

"Ben....No you're not!"

"I AM a parent.  I am the Father of AWESOMENESS.  Now move.  I'm going in."

Clara's reply was the appropriate shocked look of awe and wonder.  With an argument like that?  Right off the top of his head?  He just might be right....he might be the Father of Awesomeness.

Step aside, ladies ;-)

Bless with a Boy  – (7/11/2012 10:35:00 AM)  

First wow what intellegent kids you have. Your son's comment of being the father of awesomeness is over the top adorable. He is quick witted for sure. haha

Have a blessed day!

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