I'm in my pre-trip panic zone.  I am notoriously unproductive and flighty in the days before a big trip.  There's some sort of disconnect in my brain that makes it seem more appropriate to play iPad games, re-pot houseplants, and eat lots of chocolate than to straighten the house, do the laundry, and pack.  I'm leaving my love and my babies for 6 days?!

This time, I'm at least trying to make reasonably good use of my dysfunction ;-)  I'm doing lots of cuddling and hugging and kissing with my little ones.  I just want to soak them up before I go.

And yes, I admit, I sort of fear that my plane just might go down...leaving my children without their Mama.  I want their last memories of me to be sweet ones.

I KNOW.... completely silly and irrational....but the truth.

So why am I leaving?  Well, for a really great and exciting reason, actually.  My Dad is RETIRING.  I can hardly believe it!  Although, I don't think this will be your standard retirement.  It's more of a "moving on to something bigger and better".  There's a big celebration in his honor, and I wouldn't miss it for anything.

I've been thinking about him and his career lately (for obvious reasons).  Something just dawned on me lately.  My Rodan + Fields business?  I built a team logo recently and the general idea looks something like "Team Fouch....Faith. Family. Service."  I chose the 'faith, family, service' to remind me of who I am and what this business means to me.  It also speaks to the journey I've taken to really see what this thing is about....first, it was a leap of faith.  A calling.  Then, I began to realize what it would mean for my family. Finally, my vision became complete when I saw that this is a genuine blessing for me to share with others.  It's an act of service - a way of giving back to the world.

But "Faith, Family, Serivce"??  I know now where those core values come from.  They come straight from my amazing Mom and Dad.  They've always been a team -- they're both retiring -- we're celebrating them both this week.

Faith -- our family moved all over the country.  Dad took various positions as he was Called to do so.  Mom was the ever-present support and center of our home.  Moving was always okay because Mom and Dad made it clear that wherever we were together, that's where we were home.  And in retrospect, we were following a heavenly Call, and when you follow?  Everything turns out.  Always.

Family -- no matter Dad's long hours.  No matter business trips.  No matter was always clear to all of us that WE....our family.....was #1 in Mom and Dad's book.  Invaluable.  I grew up feeling like my family was as solid as a rock.  Jobs came and went.  Houses came and went.  Cities came and went.  But our family was always together and the most important priority.

Service -- Mom and Dad have always taught us by example that life is best lived in service to others.  Compassion.  Love.  Integrity.  Hard Work.  It's always been about building and offering something of value.  It's as natural to me now as breathing.  This lesson is one of the best gifts Mom and Dad gave enables me to measure what I do against a high and True standard of Love.

As you can see, I'm incredibly proud to be "Bob and Ann's daughter" :-)

I just want to wrap up with words from my very own Thomas, who just walked in and blew me away....

Thomas, "Mama!  Did you hear that?  I just called you 'Mommy'.  Did you hear?  Know why I called you that?"

Me, "Why, sweetie?"

"Cuz 'Mommy' means BIG LOVE!"

Okay, I can go now :-)

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