You know, when I started my R+F business, I really had no clue as to what I was getting myself into!  I thought I'd found a powerful opportunity.  I thought that this could be a good thing for my family.  I thought that I could be good at this.

The thinkin' is over -- I'm moving on to knowing.

I've written before about the fear, the doubt, and the way I've learned to live in this personal fox hole of mine...and I've mentioned the fun I had when I got to give a beautiful gift to a business partner of mine who is building an amazing team (I've given TWO of those away now!).  But for the most part?  I've deliberately avoided writing about business because I don't want to come on too strong.

I'm beginning to see that I'm not doing you any favors by keeping quiet.

Why am I suddenly excited to talk about this?  What changed?  Well....everything.

The first thing that changed was that I've seen amazing transformations in people's skin with my own eyes.  I've seen a friend fix their sun damage with a few months and a couple hundred dollars instead of with the $4,000 and multiple rounds of laser treatment the doctor was suggesting.  I've seen the healthy skin of my friend with serious eczema  -- this friend had not been able to clap at her sons' ball games because her hands would crack and bleed on the spot -- she's healed for the first time in her adult life!  I've seen acne flat out GONE after a week or two of product use.  I've had a client call me giggling as she reported that she'd just been accused of "having work done" after using Anti-Age for a couple of months.

The products work, and people love them.  I'm thrilled and honored to be the one to bring these goodies to the people in my life!

But most importantly?  Even more important to me than helping people change their skin?  Far and away, the most important part of my job is helping people change their LIVES.

I know.  I'm sounding terribly melodramatic!  In fact, I would have rolled my eyes at this blog post just a year ago.  But then....the game changer.  Two, actually.

The first game- changer happened when we were struggling through the painful time of nursing my husbands beloved mom in our home as her body gave out on her.  We knew we only had a matter of weeks with her this side of heaven.  Our number one priority, of course, was spending as much time as humanly possible with her until it was time for her to leave.  The problem?  We have bills.  And 4 little kids.  And one full time husbands.

We didn't have the luxury of him simply staying home with his mom for weeks or months on end.  We figured we could use some FMLA benefit while cutting back to 1/2 time and using some vacation time to collect minimal pay...but it wouldn't have been enough money to keep us afloat.

Just as we were desperate for answers and feeling like we were stuck in a storm of panic?  My R+F paycheck arrived.  It was, nearly to the penny, the amount we needed to cover the mortgage.

Praise God, and thank you Doctors Rodan and Fields!  My husband was able to stay home full time with his mom during the last weeks of her life.

The second game-changer came with a phone call from one of my partners.  I get VERY invested in the success of my partners -- sharing this opportunity and helping people start and build their own businesses with this amazing company is my passion.  So when my friend and partner called to share some news with me, I took it very personally...

"Daiquiri, I just called to give you some news.  You know my desk job?  The one I hate?  The one that's been sucking the life out of me?  I QUIT.  I quit because my R+F income replaced that paycheck!  Thank you so much for sharing this business with me!!"

I had to pull the car over to cry, I was so happy!

Is she a millionaire?  No (not yet).  In fact, some might look at her paycheck and think it wasn't very much money.  But to her and her family, that was life-changing money.  She has freedom from a job that was making her miserable.

Game.  Changer.

I could go on and on.  I'm waaaay excited about this, and I could talk all day about the billion dollar brand backing my home-based business, the products, this company and business model, and the fact that I -- little ole me!-- get to be one of the very FIRST people to launch this company....someone PINCH me! :-)

But I'll stop.  Just know this -- if you have issues with your skin, I would love to help you.  And if you're looking to change your life -- I would be honored and privileged to help you build your own business.  There's a "contact me" tab at the top of this blog, and you can reach me there or you can simply comment here and we can set up a time to talk more.

Be blessed, friends!

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