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Whew!  What a crazy couple of months it's been!  I haven't been blogging much, I know.  I find myself stuck in the rut of perfection.  This particular rut is defined by "letting 'perfect' get in the way of 'good enough'".   I'm breaking free though - so you're stuck with a "good enough" post that will basically be just a list of stuff I have going on.

1.  I'd like to respond to a recent blog comment that was left here.  A sweet reader was brave enough to ask me to *please* don't let this blog become all about my new business.  She said that "my readers" enjoy hearing about my faith and family, and don't want to be sold a product all the time.  "my readers"?!  That struck me as so funny!  Although I have a vague feeling that someone might read what I write here, it still feels an awful lot like my personal journal....or maybe as a letter to my long distance family.  I never think of my friends here as "my readers" :-)  Whatever you'd like to be called - I'm glad you're here.

I have to say, I understand her concern and I take it to heart.  No one likes to feel like little more than a salesperson's next prospect.  When I write about my business, it's not because I want to "sell".  I write about it for the same reasons I write about anything here:  it's important to me.  It's a part of me.  It's affecting me in some way.

2.  I hosted a Business Launch Celebration yesterday, and was so blown away my my wonderful group of friends!  I had SO much fun sharing with them.  This new thing in my life was so unexpected and so UNlike me....and is bringing more excitement and joy to my life than I ever dreamed of!  It meant the world to me that my friends would take the time to come to my home and just let me tell them about my new business.

3.  One last thought regarding Multi-Level-Marketing companies.  As I read my Bible over breakfast this morning, I felt rather struck upside the head by a thought that I've been giggling over all morning:  The very first MLM expert?  Jesus Christ Himself!!!  Think about it!  Jesus didn't say "go open a storefront and tell everyone who walks in about me".  He said "go out and tell..."  We are to go to all the ends of the earth and tell the people we come into contact with (our "network) about Him.  Then, as new followers of Jesus, THOSE people are charged with doing the same thing, and on and on and on....  That's MLM at it's very core!

It's been going strong for over 2,000 years now - how's that for a successful business model?  If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me ;-)

4.  I guess it's still related to this business, but on a different level...I've been spending a lot of time praying about whether this business is something I can do and still live my life for the glory of God.  Why is it easier for me to see the service for God in doing my laundry than in running a business?  I don't know.  I just want to be careful.  I don't want to pursue this business just for the sake of money.  I don't want to neglect the "little" things God's given me to try and build something "bigger".  I want my life and my work to be meaningful and a God's standards.  God has been answering my prayers in this area in such sweet ways, and I want to get them written down so I never forget...

-  I've been praying for someone close to me for a very long time.  The downturn in the economy has hit her family hard, and finances have been a frightening struggle.  I've never known people with more honesty, integrity, kindness and's been painful to see them struggle.  And now?  This new business is an opportunity for THEM.  What an awesome God I serve - not only did He answer my prayer with hope for a brand new start for my loved ones....he used little ol' ME to bring the opportunity to them!  Yippee!

-  I'm seeing my clients LOVE their skin.  It seems like a superficial thing at first, but look more closely.  There's more confidence in those eyes.  There's a feeling that they look their best.  There is no longer the distraction of the thought "I look terrible" holding people back.  Helping people feel and look their best is a gift.

-  I talked with a new mom a couple of days ago.  She's an executive with a very large company, and her family is dependent on her paycheck.  She's dreading going back to work and leaving her beloved little girl with someone else.  And now?  She's considering becoming one of my partners.  She would absolutely be stellar in this business...she has the expertise, the connections, the drive....I'm SO excited to think of having her on my team!  She may or may not decide to go for it...but for me?  Having a possible solution to offer a mom who wants to spend more time with her child is an enormous blessing.

- And me.  This entire journey has been so new and exciting for me for one reason...I'm doing something new and finding that I MUST rely on the Lord every single step of the way.  He's been so patient and tender and strong for me.  He's near, and I continually feel him "winking" at me.  I can feel His joy in MY joy.  Relying on Him....doing something new...feeling a little afraid and uncertain all the's been INCREDIBLE.  I feel like I'm really living for the first time and it's all about relying on Him.  I don't know where this will lead (but I have a pretty good idea)....but wherever it is, I am His and He is mine.

That's all that really matters to me.

With that priority in my heart, and with the freedom I have in Christ to live a joyful and abundant life?  I can be certain that I'm doing God's work here.

Now...I'm going to go fold some laundry.

Hilary  – (1/24/2011 05:18:00 PM)  

It is a miracle how the chips fall into place sometimes.

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