Halloween 2010

We had such fun this Halloween!  The kids are old enough (mostly) to design their own jack-o-lanterns and to have specific ideas about what they want their costumes to be.  Their creativity always blows me away :-)

Luke's brother and his little boy were visiting during the festivities - made it all the more special.

Of course, pumpkin carving just isn't a complete experience without the "pretend you're eating the guts" photo :-)

Thomas saw me coming at him with the spoon, and hid under the table.  Clearly, we have some trust issues to work through!

I'm pretty sure we found the world's thickest pumpkins this year:

Ben thought he could outsmart the get-your-hands-gooey system by simply dumping the contents of his pumpkin into a bowl.  No dice, buddy...but nice try ;-)

This might be my favorite Halloween pic of all time:

By the time we finally got dressed up to visit the local grandparents, Thomas was sacked out in his Buz Lightyear costume.  Pretty cute.

My pretty little ladies.

My sweet little punkin' :

The whole clan:

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