For the past few months, I've been reading a chapter from the Bible each morning while eating my breakfast and sipping my coffee.  There are plenty of mornings that I don't feel like it - I feel pulled in a different direction - toward my mental list of things to do.  But I make a deliberate choice...'I choose you, Lord.  Over everything else calling my name right now, I choose you.  Meet with me here, please.  Speak to me.'  

I don't do this little routine of mine for lofty spiritual reasons or to earn points with anyone.  It's purely selfish.  It's my sanity life-line.  My calm in the storm.  And today, while reading Hebrews 6,  it became my anchor.

Hebrews 6:19
"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast..."

My soul cried out YES as I read those anchor to my soul, that's what Jesus is.

I have a handful of friends who were friends both before I became born again in the Lord and are still friends now.  One of them asked me "When are you going to get over this Jesus thing?  It HAS to be getting old by now!"

Old for her maybe ;-)

But for the person who is attached to the anchor that is hope in never gets old.  In fact, it's new each day.  Once my spiritual eyes were opened to the things of God, this world appeared to me as it really is.  I'm tossed about in this dark place.  My hope in Jesus doing as He is my lifeline.  My anchor.

I can't imagine life without Him!

I take that back...I CAN imagine it.  I can imagine fear and uncertainty when thinking about the fact that I will eventually die.  I can imagine dread just getting out of bed - what bad things will happen today?  What garbage will I have to deal with?  I can imagine a feeling of hopelessness and uselessness.  What good is all this anyway if it's just temporary and there's nothing of value for my life besides what I'm doing in the here and now?

I can imagine it because I used to feel it first hand.

But now that I'm firmly anchored to the One who saved me?  I don't fear death - in about out of this world!  I don't exactly enjoy the the thought of my physical body dying, but death?  I actually LOOK FORWARD to heaven.  I even long for it some days.  

I know I am cared for and loved tenderly even when bad things happen.  In fact, I have a almost...when painful things happen, because I've seen them turned for good time and time again under His wonderful hand.

And my life has new purpose when I'm living and working for the glory of Jesus.  Not only can I accomplish real and lasting good in this world...when it's done for His glory, He has this incredible way of multiplying the little things I do.

Life is a grand and purpose-filled adventure with Him.  So no, I'm not getting over Him any time soon!

Becky Avella  – (9/05/2010 10:26:00 AM)  

I'm so thankful for that anchor, too. : )

Anonymous –   – (9/06/2010 11:50:00 PM)  

Amen sister! Beautiful post!

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