My Poor Little Neglected Blog

"Is there something WRONG with you?", she asked.

"No, why?"

"Well, you haven't written on your blog for real in...well...forever!"

I guess she's right.  Frankly, I just haven't been that into it!

It hit me when I went shopping for a new patio set that we finally got the courage up to spend money on.  And what did I find where I expected the summer goodies to be?  SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

I feel summer slipping through my fingers, and the mommy guilt settling deep into my heart.  The zoo?  Not once.  The water park?  Nope.  The library?  Surely, we've been to the library!  Nilch.  And then there's the reading program, the sewing project I wanted to share with Clara, the ten thousand sno-kones I was planning on...summer bliss.

Our summer days this year have settled into a predictable routine.  The sun peeks through my curtains, and I roll over and go back to sleep.  Then the parade begins.  One child after the next..."Mom, can I have a granola bar?"..."Mom, can I have a pop tart?"..."Mom, can I have some toast?"

"Sure, sweetie.  Get one for your little brother/sister too."

Roll over, catch a few more winks.

Luke has been long gone.  He parted with a sweet kiss to my bare shoulder and a nuzzle to my neck at 5 AM.  Working two jobs is a big undertaking.  Work on the house before heading to the office each morning, then back to it for a quick task at lunch time, then the office again all afternoon.  Home for dinner (maybe), then head out to the house again after the kiddos are in bed.  He's a hard working guy, my husband.

We watch some cartoons.  I make some eggs to round off the stream of sugar the kids have been gobbling since they got up.  I sip my coffee and read the Bible.  I pray.  I turn on the worship...crank it while I clean the kitchen.  Encourage kids through their morning of "make your bed, brush your teeth and hair, get dressed".  Start answering the door.  A ring at the front, a knock at the back.  The kids swoosh out on their bikes or scooters.  Our house ebbs with the tide of kids in and and

Before it seems they've been gone for 10 minutes..."MOOOOM, can I have a popsicle?"

"POP! POP! POP!  ME TOO!" chimes Thomas.

and then

"Mama!  My yellow dress is clean!  I see it in the laundry room!  It's my be-oooo-tiful dress.  I wanna wear it!  Will you help me change?"  from Sammy.

How can I deprive my girl of feeling so be-ooo-tiful :-)

Before I know it, it's lunch time and the dishes.
And dinner, and the dishes.
And bedtime.


Doesn't leave me much to write about :-)

Our Family for His Glory  – (8/06/2010 01:10:00 PM)  

Just think of the wonderful memories you are making at home with your kids!! Enjoy the last few days of summer!

Beth in NC  – (8/07/2010 07:03:00 AM)  

I can relate! The summer has zoomed by and the days are so routine. Waaaaaaaa!

Julie  – (8/10/2010 09:52:00 AM)  

As usual I can totally relate to your post! I too had grand ideas of what this summer would look like, I told me husband we would spend our days lounging by the local pool, taking exciting day trips etc. But that has not happened....our days are busy with home and errands. But you know what? As long as they are happy and loved and cared for they are having a great summer!

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