First Day of School {In Pictures}

I simply can NOT believe that it's time for school to start again!  Piles of notes and papers, homework, drama with friends, school programs, a crazy schedule....really?  again?  already?!

We spent the day yesterday buying the last few school supplies, labeling everything, and stuffing the new backpacks with goodies.  We also sorted through the new school clothes and the kids chose their favorites:

What special morning is complete without special pancakes?  We're Star Wars fans around here.  Thomas can't quite say "all done"...but he can say "Yoda" :-)

It's not quite her first day of school yet, but Sammy was plenty excited with all the activity this morning!

The girls both got haircuts yesterday, and I bought a special shampoo to get the summer's chlorine out of their hair.  It's so shiny now!  Of course, we also put the pink rollers in Clara's hair.  She feels (and looks) so beautiful with curls:

I know, I know...I have a thing with feet.  This is one of my favorite shots:

This one is pretty darn sweet though too:

It's starting - the kids are starting to give me the "awww mooOOOoom" when I ask for pictures.  Before you know it, they'll refuse to stand still for me.  Can you tell how enthused she is? ;-)

I gotta say - when Ben insisted on having a bag like this one instead of a backpack like usual, my heart skipped a tiny beat.  When Luke and I first met, he carried a bag that was this same style, and he wore it slung across his chest just like Ben does now.  Ben also got his daddy's broad shoulders.  

Pay no mind to the little ones running around my street in their jammies:

Even this rose seemed to be smiling this morning:

These pictures - nearly kill me.  I married a man who turned out be such a tender-hearted daddy:

Watching for the bus...

I caught Ben checking the time as he waited for the bus - something about this picture just makes my heart ache a little.  My baby boy is such a young man already.

My sweet girl - all ready and excited for her adventure today:

Here comes the bus!  I love all the different expressions on the kids' faces...happy, nervous, anxious...

I love this angle:

This seems like a boring shot, but it's what my kids will be facing every school morning.  I'll bet they'll like this picture some day :-)

Have a wonderful year, my big kids.  Remember who you are and that your Mama loves you!

Kaye  – (8/25/2010 01:15:00 PM)  

Oh wow. You really touched me with this post. So many emotions spoke through your photography. You really are gifted.

And those kids! They're so beautiful! Your girl is so pretty and that boy is going to be a heartbreaker one day!

Simply beautiful post. Thank you.

Beth in NC  – (8/25/2010 03:17:00 PM)  

Loved the pictures. Absolutely choked me up! Sniff, sniff.

Your children are beautiful!

Becky Avella  – (8/25/2010 10:33:00 PM)  

I felt like I was there after all. : ) You can do wonders with your camera, but it helps when you have such GORGEOUS children. : )

Edith  – (8/26/2010 07:00:00 AM)  

Neat post and neat pictures. So glad you were able to get the shots on and of the school bus. You must have an excellent bus driver.

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