We just flew into our little Boise airport last evening.  It struck me how COOL 98 degrees can feel when it's closer to 25% humidity (rather than 60 or 70% humidity).  Wisconsin is green for a good reason...water, water, everywhere!  We had a wonderful time playing and relaxing in beautiful Wisconsin.  Man, are we blessed!

Speaking of blessed, I just love how my Lord cares about the most mundane little parts of my life.  We crawled our way through traffic in Milwaukee trying to make it to the airport in time...but we didn't get there until about 20 minutes before takeoff.  Yikes.  We were certain to miss our flight.  As we were inching our way through construction on the highway, I said to the kids, "Now would be a good time to pray, kiddos."  They did.  I did.  And I was suddenly so peaceful!  Traveling with our whole family to try and grab the last flight out?  Peace?  That's a miracle in itself!

We got checked in, but were scattered all over the plane...and it was still questionable as to whether we'd actually make it through security and on the plane in time.

We made it through security and to our gate.  The plane was just getting unloaded from the previous flight - we had enough time for bathroom breaks, a diaper change, and to fill up the water bottles.  Whew!

As we got settled on the plane, we had to ask fellow passengers to switch seats so that all the kids had either Luke or me near them.  Normally, we're met with scowls and answers like "I suppose" as they huff of to their new seat that they feel obligated to take since so many eyes are watching.

But not this time.  This time it was all "What can I do to help?" and "Sure, I'd love to switch"...with smiles and comments about our beautiful children.

I'll tell ya...pray, and sometimes the answer is to be surrounded by angels dressed in business suits.

We had a tight connection to make in Minneapolis.  Our flight was running late...would we miss our connection and end up sleeping in the airport?

As we landed in Minneapolis, the pilot came on and welcomed us to MN and announced that we were on the plane that would be departing for none other than Boise, Idaho!

We let everyone else get off the plane, switched to our assigned seats for the next flight (which were all together), and got off the plane for some potty breaks and dinner.  We even got to leave out bags on the plane - what a relief to not have to schlep them along!

Both flight were smooth, the kids were (mostly) in good spirits, and no one barfed ;-)

We didn't have a ride from the airport to our house, so we decided to take a cab.  I was wondering if we'd have to take two in order to fit our whole family plus our bags.  Burt no...there was a long line of cars....and one lone minivan.  We fit perfectly.

I don't always perceive an immediate response to my prayers, but I sure did yesterday!  It was as if He put his arm around my little family and whispered in my ear, "I've gotcha, my precious little one."

Thank you, Lord.  Thank you for watching out for us and taking such good care. 

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