A Tad Paralyzed

Well, it's official - summer vacation is here.  Last week was the last week of school for my kids, so this is the first week of trying to settle into our new summer schedule and routine.

For the most part, I'm loving it.  I despise the morning rush to get my kids up and ready for school.  It's crazy and hectic and makes me break out in a sweat for the effort.  Now?  My kiddos head down the stairs as they wake and I hear their sweet little voices talking quietly as they try to not wake me.  We're in our jammies until at least 9 or 10, and then we change into shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops.  By the end of the day yesterday the kitchen floor had drips of popsicle juice, the kids' hair was full of sand, and I was deep into a new (to me) Vince Flynn novel.  I'm looking forward to spending some good quality time with Vinnie this summer ;-)

Buuuut...I haven't had the courage to leave the house yet.  That's right.  I'm stuck.  The idea of piling everyone into the car and going OUT there...freaking me out!

And today, I have some coupon shopping to do.  Those of you who are bargain hunters like me are rolling your eyes right now.  Walgreens...5 transactions planned...4 kids....2 carts...and rain today on top of it all....talk about breaking into a sweat!

But I just put the very last diaper we own on my little guy.  Believe me, I've searched high and low for more in the hopes that I could put this shopping off until at least tonight when Luke is home.  But I have to go today.

And of course I can't buy diapers without a coupon.  And the $5 register reward I'll get if I buy the razors first.  So that's at least 2 transactions, but I have more planned to really take advantage of the deal.

I might have to break down and just swing by Costco and pay $45 for a box of diapers and be done with this fiasco.  Maybe I'll pick up a case (or 7) or Mike's Lemonade while I'm at it.

Becky Avella  – (6/09/2010 10:26:00 PM)  

OK, so you are a couponing inspiration. : ) Someday when I'm recovered I'll think about putting my toes back into the coupon sea again, but it will have to wait. : )

Just wanted you to know we have diapers up here if you ever have an emergency like that again.

Love ya!

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