I Am So Ready For Vacation

Not the kind of vacation where Luke goes to work and I wrangle kids all summer long.  I'm talking the kind of vacation that involves a beautiful lake, s'mores, skiing, fishing, and some of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  And trees, lots and lots of trees.  I love trees.

We're headed to Wisconsin this week!  Yahooo!

Sammy wakes up every morning, comes dashing to our bedside, and says "Okay, NOW how many days until we go to Yaya & Papa's???"  The kids talk about little else besides what they want to pack for the airplane ride and how many marshmallows they'll be able to eat.  I'm doing laundry like my life depends on it, and Luke is working insane hours each day so that he can get everything wrapped up before leaving and just relax.

Speaking of packing for the plane, I can't stop thinking about it either.  We've decided that we're simply not going to pay good money to bring luggage on the plane.  So...we're going to pack everything on the plane with us as carry-ons.  {shudder}  I figure this is a good trip to try it on - we'll need little more than shorts, flip flops, and our swimming suits.  Everyone will have a roll-aboard suitcase and a backpack.  I'm simply not thinking about how this can't possibly work for a winter trip to Wisconsin.

If you see us at the airport, I suggest you steer clear.  We'll be the group with 6 people, 12 bags, and 4 extremely excited kids.  One of the kids is finally finding his words, which he enjoys screaming instead of speaking.  His favorite new word is "FLASHLIGHT", of all things.  Ha!  We're the group that you watch come down the aisle toward you on the plane.  As we pass the empty seats surrounding you, you heave a big sigh of relief and a "thank you, Lord".

If we end up sitting by you, I'm sorry.  I'm so very sorry.

Although, we do take up our very own row on the plane, so it's more like we'll be sitting near you instead of by you.  Believe me, these details matter ;-)

Luke –   – (6/28/2010 09:57:00 AM)  

I can't wait, too.
I think your cottage picture is two remodels ago, though.

Anonymous –   – (6/28/2010 10:04:00 AM)  

Sounds like a perfect family vacation!!! Enjoy your time visiting the folks. Think of the memories you're creating for your kids!!! (BTW...I love your John 1:1-14 verse on the side of your blog....)

Carrie  – (6/28/2010 12:50:00 PM)  

Don't forget the barf bags and have a great time. LOL
Love & Prayers

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