Father's Day Fun & Rainy Day Rose

Well, I think fun was had by all this Father's Day.  Since it was his day, Luke got to choose how we spent it.  His choice?  I don't quite get it, but he chose to set his alarm for 5:30 AM.  Me, I'm more of a sleep till 9 and wake to fresh coffee and eggs being delivered to my bedside, but not my husband.  When he has a project he cannot be stopped, and there's nothing he'd rather do than be covered in sawdust and tile grout...even if it means getting up at 5:30.  I guess I'm just happy that his plan didn't involve ME getting up at 5:30 :-)

While he fixed the planet with nothing more than his hammer, saw, and superhero ability to thrive on just 4 hours of sleep, I hustled around the house.  I cleaned, I got kids dressed, I made potato salad (that really needed a little something more, but I don't know what it was.  mustard?), wrapped a gift, and I even dragged one feverish little boy to the doctor to see if he had strep throat.  He doesn't.  Whew.

Then, the real fun began.  My sister and her family came over (her husband also has that crazy no sleep ability, and worked with Luke all morning).  They have the cutest little button of a puppy.  She's an itty bitty little pug/chihuahua mix named Molly.  She weighs about the same as the fingernail on my pinky finger and is impossibly cute. 

Around dinner time, Luke's dad and step-mom came over to join us.  I'm so blessed with a wonderful family...just love them to bits.

It was fun.  And yummy.

And I missed my Dad.  Just not right without my folks.  Don't know how to fix that that.

Sammy enjoying the festivities:

Thomas getting a batting lesson from his uncle:

Look at my little man!:

Little miss Molly (yes, her head is the size of my lens cap!):

Extra meeting Molly for the first time:

My kids giving Daddy their gifts. The big kids made him books:

Sammy and Thomas drew him pictures (Thomas was asleep on the couch during gift time):

My sweet Extra dog:

No celebration of my husband is complete without beer.  Lots and lots of beer :-)  
Here's a good tip for you - get that beer REALLY cold quickly by adding a little rock salt to the ice bucket.  There was FROST on the outside of this bin within 15 minutes!

My gift to Luke was a set of these beautiful hand crafted beer glasses - there were four - red, blue, yellow, green:

And of course, we had to have a BBQ.  Basque chorizo, Johnsonville brats, and hotdogs for the kiddos:

Happy Father's Day!


We got some rain today too - couldn't resist this beautiful rose with drops of rain decorating it:

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