Headin' Out

My wonderful man and I are getting out of here for the weekend!  We're driving 18 hours down to Phoenix...visiting family, doing a couple of photo shoots, returning a car to Luke's brother, and just generally getting a break from the norm.

I'm excited.

And totally freaking out to be leaving my four precious babies locked in their rooms with a box of granola bars and some water bottles for the weekend.  Do you think they'll be okay?  I'm sure they will.

Okay - not funny.  One of my sisters and her wonderful man (and their two kids) are staying at our house for the weekend to watch the kids for us, enjoy the chaos of a house with 6 kids, and spoil our kids so much that they'll be disappointed when Luke and I come back home :-)

(and to be honest, I AM freaking out a bit.  It pains me to leave my children {sniff. sniff} )

I can't WAIT to have my love all to myself all this time!  And we're stopping in Vegas on the way down - I've never been there.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Me:  "Kiddos, I love you from here to the moon and back infinity times!"
Clara:  "I love you too Mama.  I'll miss you."
Ben:  "I love you too, and hey Mom!..did you know that at the speed of light all you have to say is 'one hippo' and you'd be on the moon!  If you said 'one hippopotamus' you'd be back!" 
Sammy:  "I love you to the moon and back...to play time!"
Thomas: {squeeeeeze}

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