A Request

Dear Lord Jesus,

I've read it at least 100 times before, but today your Word on loving my neighbor as myself really jumped up and grabbed me. In fact "The entire law is summed up in a single command: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" (Galatians 5:14)?!

It suddenly dawned on me just what that verse says: love your neighbor. More specifically, I realized what it DOESN'T say. It doesn't say "try to love your neighbor", or "act like you love your neighbor", or even "make your neighbor feel loved".

Love them. Whether my neighbor knows it or not, I am to actually feel love for them.

Lord, I don't know how to love everyone like you want me to love them! In fact, the more I try, the more I realize just how impossible it is for this selfish heart of mine.

I'm trying not to blame my poor fellow human beings for being infinitely un-lovable (in fact, some are downright un-likable...you know who I'm talking about). I'm a blamer though, it's what I do. I have a little bit of Adam in me after all "the woman gave me the fruit to eat". See? More blaming. Talk about un-lovable...look in the mirror, Daiquiri!

So this brings me to my request. Whatever it takes to truly love other people the way you want me to...I don't have it. Would you please help me out? You can heal the sick and wounded. You can mend broken hearts. You can provide what seems impossible. You can create life by your very thought. Would you mind one more miracle? Take this heart of mine and help it to be a heart that pleases and honors you. And one more small request: be gentle, please!

Your Adoring Girl,

PS. This one verse has shown me just how thoroughly impossible it is for me to fulfill the "entire law" - thank you so much for your amazing grace that saves even this ugly heart of mine!

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