By the Way...THIS is Hope

In the midst of all the pain and suffering of the past few weeks, I've been overwhelmed by HOPE.

It sounds so talk about the hope we have in Jesus.

But that, it's so powerful! It's not a "soft" topic at all. It's life-changing.

Imagine loving your child with your whole heart. Imagine your child dying unexpectedly. Imagine that being the END. You will never see or hear or feel that child again. Your baby's body will simply rot in the grave, and your child is lost. Forever.

I can't imagine the grief of that.

Now, imagine someone promising that your child will rise again. That your child isn't "lost" at all, but very alive in a real place. Imagine the promise of a place with no suffering or pain. Even better, a place of profound peace and joy. Imagine that person promising that you WILL see your child again.

Is that hope?

Maybe. I suppose it depends on who's making the promises. You'd better look awfully closely at the character of the one making the promise. Is he trustworthy?

Many, MANY, "teachers" have proclaimed things to be true. But only One can back up His promises with Perfection, and with a depth of love that can be compared to none other.

Only ONE physically walked out of his OWN tomb to prove the reliability of His prove his power over even death.

Only One can provide real Hope.

Sharon  – (1/11/2010 05:58:00 PM)  

Oh wow my friend. What a very, very difficult month you've had.... I'm so glad you got that heavy burden cried out - what a gift we have in tears... I actually always feel bad for the "manly men" who aren't supposed to cry... imagine how awful that would be?!

And HOPE. What a sweet, sweet word. We're clinging to that right now too. HOPE

Tamara  – (1/11/2010 07:30:00 PM)  

Firm believer of never crying crying with you here in Tennessee. It's been a rough time around here too...I lost my Granny in September and a friend lost their sweet little 11 month old girl about a week and a half ago and lost another friend to cancer WAY too young. But as you said, there is hope...this is the first time in my ENTIRE life I have truly wanted Jesus to come NOW! I am ready. I know He will take us home. That gives me hope. And that makes all of this pain here on Earth, while SO VERY VERY hard...somewhat bearable...

Thank you for your REAL self showing in your blog.

I needed the tears.

Lisa  – (1/11/2010 08:24:00 PM)  

Daiq- thank you for being so transparent and sharing your heart.

I don't believe that anyone can just let life's worries roll of their will come back eventually.

I know Luke is your rock. AND I know he delivers a pretty mean coke and chocolate to you in the middle of the day if you need it. You're a lucky girl!!

I wish we lived close. This distance thing is hard when you have a friend in pain.

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