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Wow - what a crazy couple of weeks it's been!

It's been heartbreaking

It's been over thousands of miles

Two funerals

Lots of wrapping paper and boxes and happy children

One quick trip to the ER for my sweet nephew for a quick round of meds....which turned into a ride in an ambulance to a specialized children's hospital and 3(?) nights in the hospital for him and his exhausted mom and dad.

overwhelming - so overwhelming that I seem to have forgotten how to use punctuation.

And once, I believe I was used by God - it was sort of a "show up, open your mouth, and I'll give you the words" sort of Biblical experience. Amazing and beautiful and forever humbling. God is awesome!

And more than once...particularly at the funeral for a friend's 6 month old baby girl...I had a first hand experience with the Prince of Peace himself. There's just no other way to explain how I could go from almost not able to stand - the grief and fear and anguish and awe were just too powerful - oh, the sight of a mama and daddy standing and reaching to the sky while they literally sang PRAISES to the Mighty and Sovereign God who chose far too small a number of days for their baby - it almost sucked the air right out of my aching lungs. From an overwhelming wave of peace and JOY?!?!...How am I feeling joy?!...just moments later.

God is awesome and sovereign and in control (even when I don't really approve of the way He's running the show)...and he is so incredibly GOOD. How? I don't know. He just IS.

But she...she was so heart-breakingly little.

Some days it just seems impossible that the world will keep turning, but it does.


We're back home now, and getting back to it. The kids started up with school today, and Luke went back to work. I'm going to spend the day trying to dig us out of this laundry pile.

I have so many photos to share with you, I don't know where to start! Does anyone really still want to see pictures of our Christmas tree? I have lots of sorting and processing to do!

Jessica  – (1/04/2010 11:44:00 AM)  

I missed you...I did, really. I missed just knowing you were in the state and doing your normal bloggy, mommy, making-me-look-like-a-million-bucks stuff. So glad you're back safe and sound. And seriously glad you had so many wonderful moments in amongst the sad. Welcome home.

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