I Married The Wittiest Man On Planet Earth

Okay, so I've been laughing for days now. My husband has a knack for making me smile and all-out belly laugh like no other person I've ever known. Seriously...he's clever and so darn quick he's always surprising me.

I'll tell you what's been making me laugh (if you don't think it's funny, please assume it's because the hilarity of the moment just didn't translate well onto paper and NOT that I have a cheesy sense of humor) ;-)

Here goes:

My little Clara was having a rough night a couple of nights ago. She was dragging her feet getting ready for bed, and I think both Luke and I were pretty short with her a time or two because of our frustration with her slow-poke-ed-ness.

Everyone finally had brushed teeth, washed faces, jammies on, and we had just finished prayers. Clara climbed into her bed with a sulk on her face. She was complaining and on the verge of tears about something, so I climbed into bed with her.

"Boy am I glad you have such a cozy bed. Scoot over, chica. I'm sleeping with you."

I then proceeded to squirm my way to stealing her covers and pillow - gently squishing her against the wall. Just generally being a goofy obnoxious mama to get her smiling again.

Daddy decided to play along, and began "tucking" the covers in around us.

"Oh good, I was a little chilly. Thanks for the tuck, Daddy", I said.

"I'll give ya a tuck", was his reply. And then he got silly and obnoxious too, and tucked the covers around me so tightly that I was STUCK. I could hardly move. But along the way, I got pinched a little bit.

"Owww! Hey, that hurt! What kind of tucker ARE you?!"

I looked at him and saw a spark of genius flash across his wonderful green eyes.

"I guess I'm just a bad mother tucker!"


Laughter completely took OVER my body, and I proceeded to snort and drool and cry. Clara went from being sweetly touched that I was snuggling with her to being slightly horrified by the transformation that just over-took her mommy!

Life is good with this man. Very very good.

Kathy  – (12/10/2009 10:03:00 AM)  

Funny, SUPER funny, not cheesy at all. I could have probably come up with that... a week later when no one is around to laugh! You have a quick witted hubby!

SoCalLynn –   – (12/10/2009 12:12:00 PM)  

That was hilarious, just my kind of humor. Now my 10 year old daughter wants to know what was so funny. How do I explain, hmmm? ~grin~


Lisa  – (12/10/2009 04:54:00 PM)  

No, I married the wittiest guy! heehee!

Jessica  – (12/11/2009 09:20:00 AM)  

I was laughing at the "I'll give you a tuck..." comment. The fact that it got naughtier and funnier than that was just icing on the cake! Good one.

Hilty Sprouts  – (12/12/2009 10:09:00 AM)  

Can't. stop. laughing! You guys sound just about as juvenile and immature as we are! Isn't it fun?

Lisa @ The Plain-Spoken Pen  – (1/07/2010 03:24:00 PM)  

That sounds like something that would be said at my house! LOL So I don't think you're cheesy at all - I snorted when I read what your husband said. That's our kind of humor!

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