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Evidently, 'tis the season for photography! I've been blessed with so many wonderful clients that I actually had to turn someone away the other day. Crazy! I'm bracing myself for the winter months, when I'm sure things will come to a screeching halt. I won't mind. It will be a good time to focus on my family stuff. I might even get some scrapbooks done!

I've become rather trained (think Pavlov's dogs!) to respond with much drool and tail wagging whenever the UPS or FedEx truck stops in front of my house. It feels like my birthday every 3 days or so!

I thought I'd share some of my fun today. First, you just have to see what I got for my own living room wall. I'm crazy about them! I posted a picture at my photography blog HERE. Seriously...go see. I'll wait here...

Oh, you're back. See? Cool, eh?

Want to see the next thing that made me drool? THIS pretty package. It was my very first custom Christmas card design fulfillment, and it was so awesome to see how they turned out!

Sorry to be sending you all over the place to see fun stuff. Just a couple more...

Making collages and cards with photos has become a real joy for me! I just can't get enough of drop shadows, frames, fun! I'd love for you to check out my most recent collages (some of my favorite yet, I think). What do you think??

And finally...just ONE more goodie... Can you gues what this is (HINT: Wisconsin Yaya and Papa, you're going to want to check this out)?? Click HERE to see.

Jessica  – (11/20/2009 11:53:00 AM)  

I'm assuming that is your niece and nephew? Way, tremendously, adorably wonderful! That little girl is beautiful...and Mr. Eyes? What a heartbreaker.

I immediately knew that was a cow*girl* hat as I used to wear those and make my own hatbands...yes, I'm a country bumpkin, but I was a cool country bumpkin (at the time). I can't even attain to the coolness that is cowboy-dom these days.

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