Punkin Pickin'

I'm loving fall this year.  Idaho falls are typically either wonderful or miserable...crisp and chilly and beautiful, or soggy and drab and yucky.  This year's fall is a good one.  

One of my sisters lives about 30 miles from here.  She and her family live on about 12 (?) acres of sweeping pastures lined with trees.  The views are killer in every direction.  They have goats, chickens, and even a mentally challenged bull.  No kidding - he had birthing problems and isn't quite "right", as far as bulls go.  

From our suburbia viewpoint, they're country folk :-) Visiting them is always a treat - relaxing and fun and free.  It doesn't hurt that my sister is a most excellent cook, and always stuffs us silly with delicious meals when we just happen to be there during the dinner hour (my Luke is probably wondering how he got the sister who seems to know nothing but casseroles).  

And this year they planted a garden that just does not STOP.  Happily for all the kiddos in the family, they devoted a big section to "punkins".  They invited us out over the weekend to pick our pumpkins (fun and frugal...I like!).  

Is it an American thing or just human nature...to choose the biggest thing we can see, fight and fight to obtain it, and once we have it...turn and choose something even bigger? I love that my girl doesn't even consider the idea that she can't do whatever she sets her mind do.  

Oi - my heart wants to bust just looking at these children! 

I'm loving the glowing look on Sammy's little face here.

NO - my big strong boy doesn't need ANY help!  (Note the country dog gnawing on a dried up cop of corn :-) )

Aww, my little Bubba.  I love this little guy to bits.

And here are my sister's kids - wonderful and beautiful and good.  Fresh air and amazing parents will do that to kids :-)

Here's their other dog, Cooper.  Look at that happy face!

Thomas saw Daddy choosing a pumpkin, and wanted to help.  Check that...INSISTED on helping.  He can't carry a pumpkin that big, but I sure love that he thinks he can!

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Sharon  – (10/13/2009 04:59:00 PM)  

AWESOME! Praise God for a day in the country!

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