Photo Shoot, Sammy Style

I'm not the only one with camera fever around here.  Clara and a neighbor girl made their own "business cards" a few weeks ago.  The cards said "Come to Clara's house for a photo shoot...and bring a smile!"  :-)

Sammy strolled into my office this afternoon with her Elmo camera and announced, "Mama, we're gonna have a photo shoot, kay?"

(Note the finger over the lens...that's my girl!)

Giving her subject some direction...

What?  Do I have something stuck in my teeth?

Craig and Bethany  – (10/30/2009 05:04:00 PM)  

She TOTALLY reminds me of you!! Sweeter than honey, that's for SURE. Don't you love how they learn to love so many of the things that we do? What little splashes of sunshine.

Janelle Stollfus  – (10/31/2009 02:00:00 AM)  

Dear me. It's been a long time since I've visited your blog! I agree with "Craig and Bethany said..." My daughter is all over the things I like to do.

Carrie  – (11/02/2009 01:32:00 PM)  

You have the most beautiful kids and so photogenic (sp).
Love and Prayers

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