My Favorite Military Family

I had the wonderful experience of taking family portraits for this family a couple of weeks ago.  Remember their sneak peek?

Well, I finally made my way through the rest of their shots, and got their gallery up.  It's always such a relief when the client tells me that they love what we captured.  I wonder if I'll ever be 100% confident in my abilities to do this? :-)

Before we met, I had a vision for a shot I wanted to do of their family.  Dad is often off fighting for our country, and I wanted to take a shot that represented what he does and what this family is about.  I took this shot (top shot in the following collage)...Dad in uniform, Mom and kids playing together, Dad standing off to the side and out of focus...sort of a "there but not there" feel to it.  

And then I snapped a shot of the kids doing a spontaneous pledge to our flag, and this collage was born (the flag in the background is the flag in the park that day):

We had lots of romp-around fun and silliness in the park with these boys.  What great little buddies they are!

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