That's me...sneaky!

My dad is getting a "major award" this week, and my sister and I are flying out to Wisconsin to surprise him.

(I don't mean to poke fun - this really is a huge honor for my dad, and I'm SO proud of him! "Major award" just always reminds me of that silly leg lamp :) )

I mean really, what's a party without all your kids around? Maybe we can really bring the memories back by bickering over the dishes (Tiff, you can pretend you need to use the bathroom while Megan and I do the dishes for old time's sake)...or stealing each others' clothes....or crying over boys.

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm the crier. I'd gaze up at my life-sized portrait of Kirk Cameron, read through the poems I'd cut out of "Teen" magazine and taped up on my closet door, and I'd cry. Buckets. Rivers. Oceans. True love, it alluded me.

I don't know why - I was bee-oooo-tiful. Permed hair, purple eye shadow, blue mascara...who could resist me? Everyone, that's who.

(This picture's for you, Becky. See...ugly.)

I really can't remember the last time we were all together sans kids or husbands. It was probably about this time:

Can I just say...HOLY HAIR, BATMAN!

(Ben just looked over my shoulder and said "Who ARE those people?" When I pointed to the people and named names...hysterical laughing is still happening right now!)

Megan ..your glasses!
Tiff...oh my!!
Me...oh no! had hair!

Not to mention the clothes. How many patterns and colors can be crammed into one photo? This has to be some record :)

See you when I get back, my bloggy friends :)

Tracy  – (9/26/2009 08:15:00 AM)  

Great pics! Takes me back to that awesome spiral perm that I had in the early 80s. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Congrats to your dad!

Anonymous –   – (9/26/2009 10:03:00 AM)  

When i get my photos out of storage, i will show you hair... have fun with the family.


Becky Avella  – (9/26/2009 11:34:00 AM)  

If that picture is the best you can do, you have just proved my point. You were not ugly. And I love your hair in the family picture. I'd want it even now. There was an older girl in High School I idolized and you had "Courtney Smith" hair. I'm still jealous. Miss you! : )

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