Our Week In Pictures

My husband's brothers were both in town this past week -we've had such a great time!  This first shot is of all the "boys" - from left, Nick, Matt, Jim (their dad), and my Luke.  What a good lookin' bunch!

There was no shortage of baby snuggles - Little Stella and Zachary are 3 and 2 months old respectively.  Ahh...baby fix!

Ben said it best, "It's been nice...I can hold a cute baby pretty much whenever I want!" :-)  And yes, I'm pretty sure it IS necessary to wear your super cool spy gloves while holding babies! 

We took one day and went swimming at Great Grandma's place.  Fun!

The boys' mom snuggling little Zachary:

How's this for a picture of peace and contentment?

And here's little Stella again - that kid can smile!

...and make my heart pitter-patter:

We tried to get a big group shot with all the cousins in one shot.  Most were cooperative...

Some didn't mind since they really didn't know what was going on anyway...

And one little one (not naming names), just was not interested...

But that's okay.  We're crazy about him anyway ♥

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