More Fix it Friday Fun

I do believe I'm hooked.  The before and sucks me in every time!  Here's the Fix it Friday image for this week (go se I ♥ Faces for more info):

It's a nice image - a little too close for my taste (cut off his chin a bit) and underexposed...or at least too dark in the face, but pop it into a program, and you can do magic.

I went with the BW because as I was playing, it seemed the best method for getting his amazing eyes to pop.  I did everything in Light Room 2 (LOVE this program!).  Here's my "Fix":

I've been playing with PhotoShop - did you know that you can "liquify" a face, and turn a frown into a slight smile?  Incredible!  If I didn't have a pizza in the oven as I type, I might take the time and play with that (maybe after the kids go to bed?).

Thanks for stopping by!

Sharon  – (8/21/2009 09:18:00 PM)  

Cool! I'll have to learn how to liquify!

I've never heard of LightRoom -- is it a PhotoShop application? More things to investigate!

Nice work.

Laryssa Herbert  – (8/21/2009 10:16:00 PM)  

I think this could make even my beginner photos look good! Thanks for sharing!

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