Where Is Seek The Lord Sunday?

For those of you who might be new to this blog - some background...about a year ago I started a meme called "Seek The Lord Sunday".  Each Sunday, I'd write on a topic of faith that had been on my heart that week, and I asked that other bloggers do the same and we could all link together to encourage and love one another.  Great idea?  I thought so.

And yet, here I sit NOT participating in my own idea!  I haven't written a Seek The Lord post in...what...months?  

It's not that I'm not still seeking Him.  It's more like I'm seeking on His terms...not my blog schedule terms :-)

I found myself feeling pressure to put something "good" up each Sunday.  So much so that if the Lord spoke to me on any other day of the week, I'd sort of put it in the back of my mind as something "I should write about on Sunday 'cause that would make a great STLS post".  A relationship with the Lord just isn't focused where it should be when it's repeatedly stuffed into a little box called "to do Sunday".

So I stopped STLS.  For the sake of being real...with Him, myself, and with you.

There it is - that's where STLS has been (if you've been wondering).  I plan to continue to write about my relationship with the Lord, and I hope it's a blessing to you.  It just won't be Sundays only any longer.

Missie  – (7/19/2009 05:58:00 PM)  

I just spent about an hour reading through your posts. My husband asked me what was wrong when he saw the tears streaming down my face, so I told him about your Sammy. Your writing is of the caliber found on very few blogs. Beautiful. Outstanding.

I enjoyed meeting you and your adorable kids last night. And I will be back to visit you here.

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