Last Day Of School, First Day of Summer

The joy and chaos of the last day of school is past.  It took us, oh, about a millisecond to adjust to the leisurely pace of summer :-)

Here's the last day or so of pictures.

The night before the last day - doing our best to write a thoughtful note of thanks for the teachers.  They dictated what they wanted to say to us, we wrote it out carefully, and then they wrote it in their own hand (they didn't want spelling errors).  They're sure sweet kids.

The hair went up in rollers the night before, and she had fun curls for the big day.  She was so excited to wear her new outfit, and I'd spent days sewing it.  No joke!  It took days...many tears...several incidents of throwing the fabric across the room...and even a few choice words.  But I finally finished the outfit.  It was worth it when she had a conversation with her daddy. 

"Clara sweetie, you sure look beautiful."
"I know, Daddy."


Daddy rode bikes to school with them on this special day, but we waited out front for the bus anyway because they had a little gift to give the bus driver.

I made Sammy a new dress too - she LOVES dresses.

"What?  Huh?  Mama's taking pictures?  Take one of me!"

Kindergarten graduation - quite the ordeal!  There were fancy hats...even song and dance!

Each of the kids decorated a program for their parents:

See?  Song AND dance:

Here's Clara getting her "graduation" certificate:

Friends - there's nothing sweeter than young friends who can just be who they are.  There aren't even words exchanged...just the natural connection...hand to hand...giggle to giggle.

Sisters - I have girls!  Two girls!  Daughters!  What a gift :-)

Yaya treated to a special lunch out after graduation.  Nothing says "congrats" like a full belly and a balloon tied around the wrist.

By the way - I don't typically carry my camera everywhere I go (tsk, tsk!).  I had forgotten to take it out of the car after the school ceremony, and didn't want to leave it in the heat.  I was happy to have it though (of course).

Daddy rode to pick up Ben, and they rode their bikes home together (Ben later reported that riding home with Daddy was his "best part" of the day).  Grandma stayed home with the sleeping baby while we went out for snow cones (wanted to beat the forecasted rain).

If this isn't a picture of summer, I just don't know what is:

Look at the beautiful sky!  I love the Idaho sky.

And of course, the little boy has to kick off summer by promptly...climbing a tree.  I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

Just for fun...I grabbed these shots of Sammy while we were ordering and enjoying our snow cones.  I processed them a bit differently, and I just LOVE them.  I'm thinking that I'll make one of them into a canvas...which one is your favorite?

Heather Harris –   – (6/05/2009 02:56:00 PM)  

Great family time! There's nothing that beats it at all! WONDERFUL pictures! You have adorable children!

aknaturegirl  – (6/05/2009 03:05:00 PM)  

Your family is so beautiful! Great job on the outfit and Sammy's dress.. they both looked beautiful! I like the second one of Sammy..and my second choice would be the one with the snow cone. I will TRY to get my pic order in soon!!

Becky Avella  – (6/05/2009 03:46:00 PM)  

I can't wait to see Sammy's picture on a canvas. I love them all, but for the wall, I like the second one best.


bristowmom  – (6/05/2009 08:42:00 PM)  

Funny that you'd have pictures at the sno-cone stand - just yesterday I was talking with a fellow transplant from Idaho and she was saying how she missed those snow cones...

Enjoy your summer!

Amy Krupinski  – (6/07/2009 01:12:00 PM)  

#2 for me as well, as a canvas, but #1 is a close 2nd :)

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