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It's been a crazy few days!  

- We've had family in from Wisconsin.  Oh boy, do those aunts and uncles of mine know how to have a good time.  And they loved on us for two days - made us all feel so special and unique and interesting and loved.  It was like a giant party for my kids.  You should have seen their slumped little shoulders as they watched them drive away today.  Ben turned to me and said, "Let's go to Wisconsin NOW." :)  I'll post pictures (and a video of my two aunts playing soccer) in the next couple of days.

- Ever since deciding to do an art show next month, I've been crazy busy with creating and printing and processing photos.  I'm getting so excited!  However, I'm spending all the $$ I've been saving for a new camera.  I'm dreaming of a new Canon lately...anyone know of a Canon giveaway going on?  Or maybe a Nikon - haven't decided yet.  

I'm starting to have anxious dreams about the art show already.  If my dreams are any indicator I'll either be displaying finger-painted canvases in the midst of modern day Picassos and Monets ...or I'll be the only one set up in a dusty, windy, dirty parking lot...with people driving by and gawking at how absurd I am to be out there.       

-  One of the best parts of my day today?  Making a homemade iced mocha: left over coffee from breakfast, some chocolate syrup, some whole milk, and some ice.  Delicious!  And best of all?  I didn't have to pay some very rich Dutch Brothers $3.25 for it :)

-  I'm so pumped about a new canvas product I'm offering.  I blogged about it at my photography blog - go check it out...and then walk around your house for 30 minutes trying to figure out which wall would be best for a new piece of art (like I did)....and THEN call me and I'll help you fill that lonely space ;-)

- Hubby agreed to do a series of posts with me about how we met.  Someone suggested that I wait for a more romantic time - Valentine's day maybe.  I don't know if I can wait that long though.  Luke said he's up for it - I'd better grab my chance ;-)

- Speaking of my amazing man - he's all ready to sell and buy some houses!  He's officially licensed and signed up with a broker.  I'm so proud of him!  What a blessing to be his wife - that man would stop at nothing to take care good care of his family.  And when he closes his first deal...boy, are we going to celebrate!  We might do something crazy like go to dinner and a movie.  I know...hold on to your hats!  And then, after we spend $50 celebrating, we'll put any and all proceeds toward getting ourselves out of this hole of debt we've created in the past 12 years.  

- Oh, how could I not mention this first!?  I'm a new aunt!  Luke's brother and his wife just had an addition to their family today - a little boy.  AND Luke's other brother and his wife just had a little girl.  I'm just dying to jump on a plane to go take pictures of those sweet babies (and smell their sweet little heads and listen to those wondrous baby sounds they make).  Sigh.  Stupid money.  

- Our family is incredibly... symmetric.  We have two girls and two boys.  My sister has a boy and a girl.  Luke's brothers each have a boy and a girl.  The engineer in me finds this fact seriously and disturbingly satisfying.  

- I promised myself that I'd go to bed by 10 tonight.  Ain't happening.  I'm still in my running clothes right now - still have a shower to do.  And some popcorn to eat.  And lots of photos to sort through.  My new goal is to go to bed before 1 AM (unlike the past few nights).

aknaturegirl  – (6/11/2009 11:48:00 PM)  

I love family visits..I wish mine would do it more often! FUN FUN!! I am stoked to see your art show aaand I completely understand about TRYing to bed early.. I am currently debating trying to sleep or having that glass of wine I promised myself earlier! hmm.. Hope you get to bed by 1! :-)

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