I think I've been in denial.

I KNOW I've been in denial.

And I ain't talking about a river.

I went on line last night before bed to look for pictures of the Race To Robie Creek half marathon from last year.  Thought it might be nice to sort of know what I'm in for.  And then I found that picture up there.

I also went and read some articles at Runner's World.  There was an article called "Don't Be Embarrassed", from which I learned that you're not considered a runner until you actually poop your pants while on a run.  Seriously.

I'm gonna work really hard and give this race my all.  Well, my almost all.  I'm not going to run so hard that I poop my pants....hopefully.

Is it any wonder that I dreamed of pain and death and fear last night? 

On an up note, I went to the store yesterday to buy some new black shorts for the race.  And a visor with pink flowers on it.

At least I'll look good out there.  Black is slimming, you know.

Leigha  – (4/17/2009 09:29:00 AM)  

You'll do great! I'll be praying for you!

Lisa  – (4/17/2009 11:32:00 AM)  

I can't wait to hear about THIS – you will do such a great job. All that training from chasing kids around will pay off.

I am concerned that you shouldn't "officially" EVER call yourself a runner. Sounds WEIRD and GROSS (among other things)! Who in the world decided that would be the THING that made it "official?"

Anonymous –   – (4/17/2009 12:04:00 PM)  

Oh my, be sure those shorts aren't gonna hurt you or chafe you!! Go on a run with them before you run the big one with them. One of the biggest rules is to not switch up what you do on race day, it could have painful results.
Also, pooping myself was HUGE worry when I did it. i was more in danger of puking when I got done, it was because of my asthma attack though. Some people put lube on their inside thighs too before the run, I just wore really unflattering spandex shorts..all the better to hold the poo in with =) Call if you have any questions or reassurances!

Craig and Bethany  – (4/17/2009 01:36:00 PM)  

Oh, YAY!! I was JUST wondering how you're doing with the training and the race. :) What a thrill it will be to walk across that finish line. You don't get that many "firsts" in life so enjoy it TONS! I can't wait to hear how it goes. Yippie!

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