Technical Difficulties

Are you looking for my pretty new blog layout? Yeah, well, I'm having some technical difficulties...also known as operator error...ALSO known as I'm a complete moron. Ugh. Some days I feel like a total rock star - on top of the world and can do anything I put my mind to. Other today? Not so much.

I have a desperate call for help sent out to Saint Jen (my glorious, marvelous, and wonderfully talented) blog designer. I hope she's as forgiving and compassionate as she is talented. If so, we should be back up in no time.

This calls for popcorn. With about a whole stick of melted butter on it. And my droopy-butt comfy pants. And maybe some chocolate. Yes, chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

UPDATE: I'm back up and running already! That only took about an hour! Have I mentioned lately just how amazingly awesome Jen at Blue Yonder Designs is? If you want a blog designed (and rescued when you are a doofus like yours truly)...Jen is your gal.

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