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I've had a few requests for info about writing for eHow.  What better way to share the info than to....write another eHow article?! 

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first.  Very skeptical.  Especially after the first month when I'd spent a decent amount of time and eared a whopping...16 cents.  Yes, cents.  Not exactly a stellar return for my time and effort.

But the upward trend in earnings is certainly interesting.  The first month I made 16 cents.  The second month I made 64 cents.  The third month I made $2.18.  Here it is, my fourth month doing this, and I'm up to 33 cents in just the first 6 days of the month!  

I know, it's not big money.  YET.  Seriously...there are folks out there making $500-$1,000 a month!  I don't know about you, but that kind of money would help to pay for Sammy's preschool or a "new car fund" in a serious way.  I'm going to stick with it and see what happens.

Oh, I almost forgot...the beauty of the eHow system?  You earn "passive income"...meaning I earn money on articles I've written even if I wrote them months or years ago.  Once those articles are out there, they just sit there and earn money for me!

It's easy to get going on this program.  Go check out my most recent article, "How To Earn Money With eHow" and see if it might be something that works for you.  As always, please take a second to rate the article while you're there :)

jazz  – (4/06/2009 03:12:00 PM)  
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Craig and Bethany  – (4/06/2009 09:50:00 PM)  

Thanks for the tip! I've been wondering how that works.

Also, how is your research going into what the LDS Church teaches going?

Oh, and I really loved the e-how article on the SLR camera. Any follow-ups coming? :)

Jennifer  – (4/06/2009 11:58:00 PM)  

Oh how cool! I will have to go check out your how to articles! Especially the one about SLR cameras!

RachelB  – (4/08/2009 06:15:00 PM)  

Keep up the great work! I am glad you are enjoying writing for eHow, and I am looking forward to reading your eHow articles.

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