The Big Kids

My big kids don't get much time on this blog, it seems.  It's not that I love them less than the little's more like they're never around!  I grabbed a couple of sweet shots of my Ben and Clara the other day, so I thought I'd put them up.  

Can I just take this moment to say how totally, completely, and thoroughly proud I am of these young people?  I know I'm raising these children to be responsible adults...not just good kids.  And with them recently - it's been all too apparent that little grown ups is what they're becoming.  It's such a blessing to see them growing into genuinely good people.  

This is Ben - he's our oldest child - the one who made me a Mama for the first time.  I think he's about the most handsome little man around.  Can I get an "Amen!" This young man has a brain that absolutely blows me away.  He's a thinker - that's for sure.  He's always "designing", "building", and "inventing.  And the questions this kid asks!  He asks questions of life and God and how things work....questions that I didn't consider until I was about 30 years old!  I can't wait to see what he decides to do with his life.  He told me recently that he wanted to be a missionary so he could "tell everyone in the whole world that Jesus loves them, cuz some people don't know, and they HAFTA KNOW!"  Almost made me cry.  He'd also like to invent real time travel and light sabers though, so who knows ;) 

And sweet Clara Rose.  We learned that she was on the way when her big brother was a babe of only 6 months!  It's sort of like having twins.  They've been "Ben and Clara" for as long as I can remember, and they certainly don't remember life with out the other.  

Clara is such a thoughtful and generous little girl.  She is constantly trying to help and plan and give.  I hope the struggles of life never steal her generous heart.  And oh, is she gonna make a great Mama someday!  After she's wins the gold in soccer, of course ;)  Of all our kids, I'd say that Clara is the me (help us all).  Luke calls her "DJ" for Daiquiri Junior.  Hopefully, her passion will help guide her to find a life she loves like it did me.  Hopefully her passion will be about Jesus as she grows to know Him better.

And hopefully...both these kids will live within a 10 mile radius of me at all times.  Hey, a mom can dream.

Beth in NC  – (4/10/2009 01:53:00 PM)  

They are beautiful children! I would be proud of them too. What blessings!

Craig and Bethany  – (4/10/2009 03:04:00 PM)  

Great pics in this and the last post! I love your mother's heart that comes through in the way we know your children through you. Helps us lean into the spectacular burden and privilege of raising our own kids.

Mel  – (4/10/2009 07:19:00 PM)  

Love this post about the older kids!!!

Lisa  – (4/10/2009 07:33:00 PM)  

Ben and Clara are BEAUTIFUL! And how did I only think you had.......ummm, 3 kids. You gotta show them off more!!!

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