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Ahh, kids and their honesty.  I love it.  And I hate it.  It all depends on what they're being so honest about.  We've had some really great quotes in the past couple of days, so I thought I'd share:

Sammy: "Mommy, can I see your belly button?"
"Sure, see?" as I lifted my shirt just a little.
She, every so slowly, poked her finger into my soft (hey, I've had 4 kids, gimme a break already) tummy and said, "Mommy, your tummy is a-dik-u-wus".  
Charming, my belly is now ridiculous.

I did the elephant ear wash thing on Ben's ears this morning (and got something out of Ben's ear that led him to say "wow, that one looks like a raisin!").  A bit later, I was asking him to put something away.  In the usual fashion, he ignored me.  I repeated my request, and he complied.  Clara, ever the observant one, said "Hey!  Now that you cleaned out his ears, you only have to say things twice instead of 3 or 5 times!"  It's progress anyway :)

I also gave Ben a haircut this morning.  As I pulled out the clippers and comb, Clara said "Mommy!  Make him all bald like the middle of Papa's head!"  Sorry Papa....

Out of the blue, Ben looked at me this afternoon.  With a puzzled and concerned look on his face he said, "Mom, what if when we die some day we learn that God isn't real and we've just wasted our money on AWANA all this time?"

"Hmmm.  That's an interesting point.  But what if we decided to live like God isn't real, and then we die some day and learn that God is actually real?  Then we would have wasted our whole lives instead of just some silly money."

"Ooooo, yeah.  I think I'll do it like God's real."

"Yeah, me too."

One of the best ones though, was a conversation we had with some little girls from next door.  They're LDS, so I'm sure that there have been some pretty firm conversations about the evils of alcohol and hot drinks.  Hubby and I were sitting in the front yard, chatting away while he sipped a beer and I munched on my crackers and Peach Mango Salsa.  We were enjoying the fresh feel of the day after a rain storm had just blown through.  Luke finished his beer, and the empty bottle was lying in the grass at his feet when the girls walked up to say hello.  One of them spotted the bottle.

"Is that BEER?"
"It was, now it's just an empty bottle", said hubby.
"Did you DRINK it?"
Long, loooong pause as they both eyed my husband.
"You drink beer?"
"Isn't beer BAD?  My daddy says is bad."
"It can be bad for some people."
"Wow", as she looked at my husband with a confused look.  "You're just so nice.  No one would even know you drink BEER."

They both walked away whispering to each other.

"I do believe you just rocked their world", I said.

We're off to the grandparents' house for dinner and grandkid spoiling.  Have a great weekend, everyone :)

Mel  – (3/21/2009 06:29:00 PM)  

Ok that was an entertaining the best of kidlet quotes!!! hope y'all have a blast at the grandparents!!

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