Goodbye, My Sweet No-Cal Friend

I've been so thoroughly frustrated lately.  I've been eating reasonably (mostly), getting moderate exercise (sometimes), and even making sure I get enough rest (almost).  So WHY am I gaining weight?  I'm normally not all that affected by the number on my bathroom scale - it's just a way to verify what I already know (my pants fit better/worse).  But lately?  That number on the scale has been downright alarming!  It hasn't ever showed THAT number unless I was pregnant!

I'd love to be able to say that it's all muscle that I've gained - after all, I've been exercising.  It could be muscle...right?  Please?

But it's not.  As much as I'd like to lie to myself, the roll of flab over my pants and under my bra strap just won't let me (or my "muffin top" and "bra-sauges" as they're known around here).  

I was expressing my frustration last night to my sweet man, and we started trying to figure out what I could do differently.  Part of it is simply that I'm no spring chicken any more...and I've had four little chicks.  My metabolism isn't what it used to be.  I used to just think about exercise, and I'd shed 5 pounds.  No longer, dang-it.

And husband said something that I hadn't really put much thought into.  "Do you think it could be the daily Diet Coke?"  

"Naw, it's diet...that means zero calories."
"I know, but I thought I heard something in the news recently about diet drinks tricking your metabolism."

So I've been digging a bit.  It didn't take much - there are about a thousand articles saying just what my husband said!  How did I miss that little tidbit of news?  They need to start doing "Mommy News" segments in between Barney and Dragon Tales...then I might stand a chance.

Not only does the diet stuff trick your metabolism, but I think I eat differently when I'm drinking soda too.  What goes better with a nice cold and fizzy drink:  a big gooey plate of nachos or a salad with chicken? Yeah, I've been eating lots of garbage for lunch lately simply because I want to enjoy my drink with my lunch.  Crazy.  

I'm going back to my old way of doing things: having the occasional soda with lunch, and drinking the full strength non-diet stuff.  Before I got on the "zero calorie" bandwagon, I was drinking regular Coke about once a week because I'd rather have the sugar than the sweeting chemicals...turns out I was on to something there.

And guess what I had today for lunch?  Yep, a big glass of water with my salad (with chicken on top and peach-mango salsa for a dressing).  It was yummy, but it was no nachos.

I'll tell ya - I'd rather run 5 miles a day than make this sacrifice.  If I don't fit back into those shorts with this change?  Be ready to hear from a very me.

Craig and Bethany  – (3/23/2009 10:08:00 PM)  

Fascinating! I read a few of the articles. Kind of makes you wonder what all the chemicals are doing to us. Thanks for sharing. I love how you dapple in so many different topics on this blog. I always look forward to your next post. :)

BTW - Thanks for the encouraging comments you left recently on my blog. I've really been thinking on your God illustrations.

Enjoy your spring break!

Craig and Bethany  – (3/24/2009 04:28:00 PM)  

Haha, I actually found your blog on the Abshire's blog. My sweet sister-in-law goes to church with them. It was just happenstance that I stumbled on to your site, but I kept coming back for the great writing. Then I found I liked your topics, honesty, and kindness. Plus, you're obviously smart - a striking combo. Wish we were related! Love the friendly banter. :)

Definitely have you penciled in.

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