Anyone Know How To Use a SLR Camera?

I was paging through a list of requested eHow articles today, and I saw "How to Use a SLR Camera".  I thought, "Hey, I know how to use one of those"...and proceeded to sit and stare at my computer screen wondering where in the WORLD to start!

Using a SLR camera can be intimidating - all those buttons and knobs and dials...the inch thick user's manual.  Where to begin??

I've been on a mission in the past few months to really get to know all the details of my camera and to understand all that crazy "f stop, shutter speed, ISO" talk.  It doesn't help that there are sometimes two names for the very same thing (f stop and aperture are the same, and sensitivity and ISO are the same too).  Crazy.

So I got a pretty basic eHow article written.  Now that it's done, I think I might need to go back and write about 10 more articles to talk about white balance and file formats and....oh my.  This is a huge topic!

But if you're looking for a basic article that gives you some quick and dirty (and hopefully useful) info on the different settings your SLR has, then go check out my new article.

And by the way - even if you shoot a "point and shoot" instead of a SLR, it would be helpful for you to know some of this stuff if you'd like to be able to take really great pictures with your camera.  

As always, I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to rate my article when you go over there.  Thanks :)

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