Poop, Poop, and ....NO Poop?!

Motherhood can be so glamorous. Since having kids, I've spent more time discussing the bathroom (or diaper) habits of other people than I ever thought...or hoped...I would!  And when I say "other people" I'm referring to 4 specific little "other people".  Thankfully, we've managed to refrain from discussing the pooping habits of anyone else. So far.

Motherhood can also be unpredictable.  One minute I'm cleaning poop from places...man, I just don't want to think about how it got there!  And the next, I'm saying, "Why won't this kid just go already!  He/she hasn't gone in over a week!"  You'd think I'd be thankful, but as you can imagine, it makes for a pretty uncomfortable baby.

Thankfully, we're past the stages of unpredictable poopitude.  As kids get older, their little bodies get this basic function figured out, and we're all happy campers.  But when you're going through a phase with your baby, and you're wondering what's wrong and what to do?  It can seem like an eternity.  Take heart.  This too shall...pass.

I mean, really.  Could you have any respect for me at all if I didn't manage to work that in there somehow? ;)

I've learned a few things about helping a constipated baby over the course of the past 7 years and 4 babies, and thought I'd share.  I put it in the form of a new eHow article.  Check it out if you're having a problem with a constipated baby.  It also has some great tips that will help with gas.  Here it is in all it's glory:

PS.  Mom and Dad...please try to refrain from smart-aleck "apple doesn't fall far" comments :)
UPDATE:  To see more great tips (that may or may not involve subject matter more glamorous or interesting that the bowel activities of this family), head on over to We Are THAT Family, the new host of Works For Me Wednesday (Huge Congratulations, Kristen!)

Our Little Blessings  – (2/17/2009 11:30:00 AM)  

The joys of motherhood. Both my girls have issues with constipation. The 5yr old knows she needs to eat more fruit and my 4month old gets prune juice in her bottle twice a day. After trips and calls to the doctor and trying several things, the 1oz of prune juice in an 8oz bottle does the trick.

I'll have to remember the flax seed once my baby starts solid foods.

Anonymous –   – (2/17/2009 11:53:00 AM)  

Ugh, my four year old still only goes once a week. It's a major even in my home...pooping.

Liz  – (2/17/2009 12:02:00 PM)  

Our pediatrician gave us this advice and I can't believe how well it works: Pear Juice! Pure Pear juice will make you go - and its natural. Too much, though, and you'll be sorry. Also, I've never found it in the regular juice aisle, I usually find it in the baby section.

My conversations usually revolve around poop, too. Kids AND dogs.

Wade's World  – (2/25/2009 07:02:00 AM)  

Thanks for the tips. Our son figured out about as soon as he could stand how to "hold it in." Our pediatrician told us to put him on Miralax (OTC) and we give it to him in his sippy cups once every other day. It works like a charm.

Wani  – (2/25/2009 10:01:00 AM)  

We've been working on getting our #2 kiddo to be "regular" for awhile now. We've tried laxatives (which I don't like to do), prune juice, and other suggestions from everyone from my mother-in-law to strangers on the street! It seems like no matter what we do he's either constipated or got the runs! But lately we've been giving him a probiotic that we got at our local healthfood store. It seems to be helping. Knock on wood!

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