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There's a kid in Virginia who's not doing the best in school.  His parents had him tested for any sort of condition that might be holding him back - thankfully, he's fine...just "bored" with school and not working at it.

They've tried every type of discipline they can think of, but nothing worked.  So they got creative.  They offered him the choice to either give up his beloved cell phone for 2 weeks OR stand on a street corner with a sign displaying his grades for a couple of hours.  The kid chose the street corner.  

It seems to have worked better than any other form of discipline they'd ever tried.  Strangers stopped and talked to the kid, and their words sunk in like his parents' hadn't.  He's doing better in school.  Yippee.  Interesting story.  Let's all move on with our lives, right?

Um, no.

Child Protective Services are investigating the parents now.  Apparently, they're all kinds of concerned for this kid's mental state after his horrible discipline.  Could this be mental abuse?  Puh-leez.

I'd like to draw CPS's attention to one of the government's favorite words: CHOICE.  This block-head chose his own discipline.  He chose the street corner over giving up his phone.  

Can I just make one more observation?  A child's (under 18) right to choose is fully respected and protected under abortion laws.  In that same state, a child can go to Planned Parenthood, and they'll work with girls to get a judge to waive the requirement that a pregnant girl's parents be notified that she's about to abort her baby.

So a girl can choose to end her inconvenient pregnancy (without CPS involvement, I might add)...but a boy of the same age can't choose to stand on the corner telling the world of his academic status?

I just can't think of anything more messed up.  

Amy the SaltyMomma  – (2/25/2009 12:06:00 PM)  

That is ridiculous! I guess I could understand being a little concerned for his safety if it was a dangerous street or something. And, depending on his age he probably shouldn't be out there talking to strangers alone, but geesh! It just sounds like a creative way to get him to understand how important his grades are. Sad.

btw... Thanks, I'm glad to be back too. Also, whenever I make my bread at my in-laws' house in WV it ends up flat too. Maybe it has something to do with altitude... I have no idea! It also sounds like maybe you need to shorten the second rising time. It doesn't have to get that big the second time because it will rise more in the oven. I think maybe it's gotten too much air in it, and when you slash it the air gets released and flattens the bread. :)

Amy ~ The Salty Momma

Beth in NC  – (2/25/2009 03:17:00 PM)  

Welcome to a world where the bible isn't the moral compass. Shaking head ... ridiculous.

God have mercy.

Craig and Bethany  – (2/25/2009 04:07:00 PM)  


The article said that the couple's other children (9 mo. and 8 yrs.) were investigated too!? I noticed CPS gave no recognition to the positive results of the young man's choice or the overwhelming community support. I smell an agenda.

And aside from the when does life begin debate, how in the world can a child have MAJOR surgery without parental notification?! I have never understood this. Who do they think is going to support and take care of the kid, much less pay for any complications associated with the procedure? Is the government going to be the new parent? Big Brother I guess.

Totally MESSED UP.

Okay, rant over.

Jennifer  – (2/25/2009 06:28:00 PM)  

Oh. My. Gosh. Are you serious? This is so stupid. I don't know, if you talk to my dad, he'd tell you that discipline these days are a cake walk compared to 'the good ole days'! LOL! I wish they would just butt out of family business. Like you said, he CHOSE it. And GREAT point about abortion. Ugh.

Amy  – (2/26/2009 09:36:00 PM)  

About a year ago there was a story very similar to this one in my area. i can't remember how old the boy was, but he kept stealing, his mom made him do the same thing and cps also got involved. I think it's crazy! The mom did stay in the vacinity and observe him the whole time, so he was not alone, but cps was worried about the emotional trauma. I can totally relate to these parents. my son is having some major stealing issues and I would totally do that with him, but i don't want to have to deal with cps!!

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