Trying Something New

Looking for a printer friendly version of a recipe or tip you find here? Well, do I have a deal for you! I just learned that I can write articles for eHow (an internet "how to" site). It's all set up for easy printing (click "print article" under the introduction paragraph) .'s a great place to go to just see my "how to" stuff if you'd rather avoid my random thoughts and ramblings :)

I just got started, so it's pretty sparse right now. But to see what I've written on eHow, click HERE. You'll find the same old picture of the same old me...and a list of my "articles".

I hope to get all of my recipes and "how to" posts published over there too. That way, when you're looking for something (hopefully) you'll be able to find a printer friendly version there (instead of printing reams of paper from this not so printer friendly blog format).

What did the world ever do without the internet?! :)

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