The Many Faces Of Thomas

My baby boy...what a little bundle of joy and silliness and spunk! He's cracking me up lately with all his different faces, especially when he sees the camera pointed his way.

The Christmas Morning Shot:

The "Hey look! I got a cool gift from Grandpa too!" shot:

The "Mommy got be before I could react" shot:

The "Ooo ooo oooo" shot (his favorite new "word" along with "Hi!"):
The "Look at my abnormally large noggin, how do you ever get shirts on me?" shot:

The "Ha! I got mom's phone. Maybe I'll call Mexico" shot:


The "No, of course I will not sit and smile nicely for you" shot:

The "I'd better run or Mama's going to pinch my cheeks again" shot:

Seriously - I can't keep my lips off his little cheeks! And those chubby little wrists...

The "I know you can't resist me, Mama" shot:

And another:

The "I'm so cute, I can even make a face like this and you like it" shot:

"See? You liked it."

And to wrap it up, I thought I'd show you a little clip of Thomas enjoying one of his Christmas presents. This is a good example of why he walks around covered with bruises more often than not. Who knew a pillow was required gear for sliding? Believe is:

Becky Avella  – (1/15/2009 03:21:00 PM)  

I'm getting caught up on my blog reading and this post made me laugh out loud. Great pictures!

And I love the "face plant" video. It was so funny how Sammy had to stop and make sure she planted her face in the pillow, too, before she got up.

Great post! : )

Mary  – (1/18/2009 01:57:00 PM)  

That son of yours is absolutely gorgeous - and clearly has a great sense of humour already.

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