Thanksgiving Highlights

So did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? We sure did. I admit, I was stressed for a day or so before the big day. But by the time Thursday actually rolled along, we had already gotten so much done that the day itself was pretty easy-going.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, Clara's kindergarten class had a family "feast" day. We all brought something to share, and there were games for the kids to play. It was so fun :) Check out the art project they did - I was impressed!

Getting ready for dinner...I always love an excuse to pull out the pretty china:

Command central. I'm a list person, what can I say? Go ahead...snicker and laugh all you want. These kinds of lists are my sanity!

We have a house guest this week. My sis and her family are out of town, so their dog is staying with us. He's sure a sweetie (but he barks a lot, and if you feed him table scraps he gets really horrible, terrible, deadly, I'm-gonna-pass-out gas)! We've enjoyed having him around (except after we fed him some table scraps).

We opened a really nice bottle of red wine before dinner. Hubby would rather have beer. Do you like his little wine glass marker on the bottle? ;) This picture is such a picture

Hubby deep-fried the turkey this year - YUM! It's positively the best way to make a turkey - it's comes out so moist and delicious, and it takes less than an hour to cook! Plus, the oven isn't tied up with the turkey all day, I don't have to get up at 5 AM to but the bird in the fact, I don't have to do a darn thing with the turkey! Hubby did it all (I love that guy). It does create a bit of a problem when trying to make gravy though. I figured out a great way though...stay tuned for a future post on that.

It was a little disturbing to see that disgraced, cold, naked, impaled turkey sitting on my counter ready to go in the oil: was almost obscene. I had to fight from throwing a towel over the thing! (sorry 'bout the sideways picture)

That's much better. Look at that incredible, smokin-hot, gorgeous, delicious, wonderful...bird. (Hey you, don't look at my husband that way - he's mine - all mine!)

While hubby was making the turkey, I was stuffing the oven and micro with all the goodies I'd prepared. I made the pies that morning, and they were cooling on the counter. It smelled so good!

Hubby's mom came for the did my friend Becky and her kiddos (she posted about our day too, if you'd like to see). It just wouldn't have been the same if we hadn't had a full house - we were sure thankful to have everyone over :)

The big kids enjoyed their sparking cider out of crystal wine glasses...but Sammy wasn't so impressed:

We had a feast! Again...stay tuned...I'll be posting a recipe for the best meatballs in the galaxy in the next week or so (yes...the want that recipe, believe me!).

Thank you Lord, for such love and abundance. We are so blessed.

When it got dark, hubby started a fire in the backyard pit, and we all roasted marshmallows for s'mores. The kids got to run around in the backyard with flashlights...what an adventure! I think sitting by the fire that night was the highlight of the day.

I hope you all had a nice holiday too :)

Anonymous –   – (12/01/2008 08:46:00 PM)  

Sounds like a great holiday. i've always wanted to deep fry but have been a bit terrified! Yes i'm sure i will be on here day and night. I have to get used to it though so my postings are a little more organized! All righy i'll blog atcha later :-)

Anonymous –   – (12/08/2008 05:24:00 AM)  

I think deep fried turkey is the way to go....less time less mess (all outside that is!) and the meat taste so wonderful. We bought some cajun injector liquid and that made it even better!
I just love holiday foods!

Anonymous –   – (12/08/2008 09:56:00 PM)  

I think the best advice for deep frying a turkey is read some instructions, use rice oil (the best) and inject with some kind of marinade-and stand back!!

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