Frugality For Today

My frugal moment came today when I was digging through hand-me-down boxes of clothes looking for a winter coat for my 1 year old. I found a nice warm one that is in great shape, but it's a 3T...quite a bit too big. My inner "I want what I want and I want it now" child immediately said, "YES...I get to go buy a new coat for him today!". But my frugal and wise side said "roll up the sleeves, and he'll be good to go". Darn. No fun shopping for me today.

I think being wise with our money is a serious responsibility, but it's so hard! It's these small moments of making good choices that really add up at the end of the month when I'm using up the last of the month's cash to buy a couple of gallons of milk.

How do you save money on a daily basis - share your tips!

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