Baby's First Haircut - Tips & Pics

We finally did it. Our little Thomas Robert got his first haircut. As much as I loved his little soft baby curls in the was looking a bit mullet-ish. He was looking too much like a "Tommy Bobby" instead of a Thomas Robert. Not that there's anything wrong with being Tommy Bobby...if that's who you are. But not my boy. Not while I'm making the hair decisions around here. I like 'em clean cut. (Unless you're Carter, then long hair is just...fiine).

Just look at our little guy up there sitting in the big boy chair! He was having fun already - I had hope for a good experience instead of a hold-him-down-while-I-try-not-to-cut-off-his-ear sort of experience.

It was a family affair:

It was so cute how he gnawed on graham crackers while watching what was going on in the mirror:

Look at that- an actual SMILE during a first haircut!

Here's some first haircut tips for you:
1. Do the haircut when your little one is well rested and has a full tummy - not an activity to squeeze in after a long day of shopping.

Bring a snack.

Bring help. Bring lots of help. It works best if a parent holds baby on their lap. Someone else will need to take pictures. And someone else will break the crackers into bite-sized pieces for the little one. If you let them use their own hands, they'll have a mouth full of hair in no time.

And this is the best tip yet - don't let her/him squirt the baby's head with water. It totally freaks them out, and they'll be screaming in 2 seconds flat! She gave him a few squirts, he started to cry, and then I asked her to spray the water into my hand instead. I rubbed the water on his head to get his hair wet for easy cutting - it really is easier for her to see what she's doing when it's wet, and it cuts down on little fly-away baby hairs all over the place. He didn't mind me getting his head wet at all - it was the spraying that scared him.

The help can also distract the little guy. I could be mistaken, but I think he likes being the center of attention ;)

Howdy, Mama. What were you so worried about? This is easy as pie!

And then...suddenly...what's that brewing?

He was just DONE.

A few quick last snips, and it was over.

Look at my handsome boys!

(Sigh) My last "first haircut" is... done.

Anonymous –   – (12/08/2008 02:54:00 PM)  

Carter? Really?

Daiquiri  – (12/08/2008 03:16:00 PM)  

You know you're the only one for me, babe ;)

Alicia The Snowflake  – (12/08/2008 08:03:00 PM)  

Too cute! I remember my son's first haircut. Unfortunately I wasn't into blogging then and I didn't think to take a picture. But, I have a clear picture in my mind. I even remember the sweet lady that gave it to him. Oh my, why do they have to grow up so soon?!?!

Lisa @ The Plain-Spoken Pen  – (12/09/2008 08:18:00 AM)  

Aw, what a precious boy! Looks like he handled his first haircut better than Julian did - ours was a giant screamfest from the get-go. LOL He's six now and still hates getting his hair cut.

Lisa  – (12/10/2008 06:09:00 PM)  

Thomas is such a cutie! I love love love the first haircut card. Great idea.

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