The Results

What's not cool:
- His tax policy
- His health care policy
- His international policy
- His opinions about abortion & homosexuality

What is cool:
- My children will never know a time when it was considered impossible for a black man to be the President of the United States
- It's OVER

Anne  – (11/05/2008 03:04:00 AM)  

I feel the exact same way!!!!

Untypically Jia  – (11/05/2008 05:19:00 AM)  

Amen girl, it's over.

Still . . . I think Morgan Freeman would make a much better first African American president. I'd listen to every speech LOL!

Rachel  – (11/05/2008 06:49:00 AM)  

Amen sister - while it scares me to death just thinking about the next four is over.......and our kids will never realize that people of color can't be president!

Carrie  – (11/05/2008 07:03:00 AM)  

You said it perfectly and I could not agree more!

Kate  – (11/05/2008 07:12:00 AM)  

Amen Amen Amen

Especially that it's over.

Angie  – (11/05/2008 10:09:00 AM)  

I know! What were people thinking putting his name down. I also am not sure if we can really call him Afican American. He's only like 6% or something like that.

Ruth  – (11/05/2008 11:30:00 AM)  

I totally agree. I also believe that as Christians now is a time to heal. So much awfulness has been spewed for the last 18 months. I think that his becoming president as a black man may actually help in regards to that healing.

Anonymous –   – (11/05/2008 01:32:00 PM)  

Wow, Angie, what a Christian thing to say.

Anonymous –   – (11/05/2008 03:52:00 PM)  

I am thankful this part is over. This election has gone on for way too long. We can only hope for the best from here on out.

Lisa @ The Plain-Spoken Pen  – (11/10/2008 08:18:00 AM)  

I'm right there with you. Not crazy about a whole lot of his policies, but very glad the election is over, and praying for all of our leaders at all levels of government.

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