Is Miscellany a real word?

- Do you know what I just now noticed? There's a tiny (itty-bitty-tiny) "D Rose Photography" in the bottom left of all my photos! Guess who didn't put them there...me! Guess who did...my wonderful miraculous Adobe Lightroom. Have I told you how much I love that program? This would be a great place to do all sorts of links to my past posts about Lightroom, but I'm not in the mood. Sorry.

- My Thomas is teething - pushing through some molars, poor guy. He's been cranky lately, but I didn't think to check for teeth. You'd think I'd know how to do this mommy thing now that I have an entire bushel of kiddos! I was playing with him yesterday, and when he tipped his head back and laughed a glorious and drooly belly laugh...I saw black and blue gums. That can't feel good!

- On my mind a lot lately? (see...I picked just the right title)

How do we gracefully share the gospel with someone who is going to face the Lord soon? I have a family member who's 85 years old with progressing lung cancer. I have the impression that she doesn't have much fight left in her. Years ago, I talked with her about Jesus and salvation, and the response I got was "I'm a good person, I'm not worried." She IS a good person...but does she know the saving power of Jesus? I don't know. Maybe it's too personal? Maybe it's not my business?

Maybe...but I still would like to have a conversation with her because what if she doesn't know! It's so tough for me. Easy to sit here and write about Him...but it seems that every time there's a face to face conversation, I end up offending someone. I'm not afraid to rock the boat and say what needs to be said...I just want the truth to be *heard*. Oh Lord, give me a more gentle and loving voice when I'm speaking your Truth!

- Another thing on my mind lately is food storage. What? Huh? I know...I'm all over the place today...not feeling my best and not up for graceful transitions between subjects. Anyway...food storage. I know a handful of people who are looking around at our political and economic situation lately, and they're worried to the point of stock-piling some food. Some are even talking "civil war". I could hardly believe my ears! What about you? Are you worried? I mean more than talking passionately about it over coffee worried...I mean stockpiling food and weapons worried? I don't know if I am yet, but it's sure giving me something to think about.

- Well, Clara should be home from school soon and I'm still sitting here in the yoga pants and t-shirt that I threw on as I rolled out of bed. Sammy's still in PJ's too. Did I mention I'm not feeling that great? Oh, why bother trying to fool you. I'm totally not showered or dressed by noon half the days of the week. My parents raised me right...don't know quite where I went wrong ;)

Sammy's screaming "MY ABOOON!!" from the living room. That means she let it go and it's dancing with the ceiling fan. I'd better run. Have a great day everyone.

ldsneighbor  – (11/18/2008 07:55:00 PM)  

"Oh Lord, give me a more gentle and loving voice when I'm speaking your Truth!"

Daiquiri, I think that too sometimes. I've been thinking about that recently. I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like the way I respond doesn't help. I hope to add and not detract. When things don't go well, I often think "Is it I, Lord?"

That funny that you mentioned food storage, because I thought about that the past week or so. We have always tried to have nominally a one year supply of food, but it had dwindled down. I have felt a growing impression that I need to get it back up and going again. So, I did an inventory recently and made a list of what we need to get. Not panic buying, just systematically being prepared. There are all kinds of scenarios where food storage can help your family. Being as self-sufficient as possible is good, then we can leave the rest up to the Lord.

Janelle Stollfus  – (11/18/2008 09:27:00 PM)  

Hi Daiquiri,

Read about your aunt's situation and I have some friends close to me that I feel like I need to talk to as well. It was recommended to go look at two places so I'll just pass them on to you. They are more for you than what to say to the person. www.pelministries.org is one and you look at the book/resource download link. The other is how the "Way of the Master" uses the 10 commandments to help those "good" people realize their wretchedness and need for repentence. www.wayofthemaster.com

Unknown  – (11/18/2008 11:50:00 PM)  

Food storage... Civil War... Weapons stockpiling??? What kind of crazies are you hanging out with???? Oh --- wait --- that's me! ;) Although I'd be more concerned with civil collapse due to economic collapse than outright civil war (although I don't discount that that's possible too).

Kate  – (11/19/2008 10:57:00 AM)  

With your relative, remember that you can't offend someone INTO hell, can you? I mean, she might, possibly, be offended by your approach and even get angry, but even if she isn't a believer, or thinks she is but hasn't ever given her heart to the Lord, chances are that she'll just think you're sweet and quaint for wanting to talk about it, rather than angry. There's a better chance, in my opinion, that there's never been a time like the present to bring something like this up. I'm sure she's frightened, at least a little bit, about the prospect of death and can't help but be open to such discussions, even if you don't agree. But laying all of her possible reactions aside, can you afford to go on having NOT had this talk with her? If the Lord is laying it on your heart to bring it up, there's a reason for it.

About food storage...for the past year or so nearly everyone I know, my LDS family and close evangelical friends, have all been feeling this pull to be more prepared, more self sufficient, less dependant on the status quo. I've seen a remarkable push to 1. get out of debt, 2. save more money, 3. build up a food storage supply, 4. return to more old fashioned ways of doing things, like making our own bread, grinding our own wheat, having a garden, etc. The amazing thing is that nobody has really talked about it much, and it certainly hasn't been organized, and yet everywhere I turn, I've seen it. We've been obsessed with those things for at least a year now and to see the things around us developing the way they are, it feels a little prophetic.

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