A Feast For The Senses

We went to the local Farmer's Market this past weekend. Boy, was I glad that I brought my camera! Everywhere I turned...something beautiful, something delicious, some sweet sound. It truly was a feast for the senses!

Can't you almost smell this bread? Okay, now multiply what's in your imagination right now by about 2,000 times yumminess - that's how good this bread smelled.

This woman is so talented! I can't imagine being able to paint like this.

I love it when the merchants display their colorful goodies in a pretty basket with a beautiful towel - so much more appealing than those sitting in plain plastic bins!

Just look at all those colors and textures! So pretty!

These tomatoes truly tasted like candy:

My absolute favorite part of the market? Free samples :)

Fall is definitely in the air around here. I love fall colors, don't you? Check out those dried corn stalks for $4 a bundle...makes me very thankful for the dried corn in my garden right now. It's going up on my front porch this weekend.

I have no idea what these are or what I'd do with them, but they're sure fun to look at!

Love these baskets full of yummy colors!

Our Farmer's Market used to be strictly locally grown produce, and was about 1/2 a block long. Now it has produce, baked goods, and all SORTS of art...and it's 3 full city blocks long! I had a great time visiting with photographers. It blows my mind...the idea of getting paid for my photos. I love it so much, I'll keep doing it without getting paid...but if I got paid?! Wow. Maybe I'll check into getting a booth at the Market next summer?

Check out these purses. Cute, eh? Yeah, well, they're made COMPLETELY out of duct tape. Yes. I said duct tape!

These giant pine cones were about the size of my 2 year old's head!

Speaking of my two year old...

And her beautiful big sis...

Boise is a great place to ride bikes. Check out these beauties! If I were to be a serious rider...and by that I mean serious like riding to the store and back...not riding for any sort of real competition. But if I were to have a bike? I think it would be one like this. Only the seat would have to be a tad bigger. Maybe about the size of Texas.

I was so impressed by this pretty store front all decked out for fall:

Why? Why can people not find a better place for their trash?

See? Beautiful. Now add to that some freshly fried donughts with sugar on top, some great girl time with my Mom and my girls, the crispness of fall in the air, meeting my favorite 'boys' (hubby, Dad, and my boys) for lunch...and there you have my Saturday.

Doesn't get much better than that!

Aimz  – (10/01/2008 06:12:00 PM)  

wow that looks like my kind of place! I wonder what type of bread it is?

Becky Avella  – (10/01/2008 06:26:00 PM)  

Beautiful! Can I go with you one of these weekends? I was thinking I might want to order a few of these prints to frame for my kitchen.

Love you,

Hilty Sprouts  – (10/01/2008 06:48:00 PM)  

Ahhhhhh, I love the market. Just beautiful.


Summer  – (10/02/2008 10:33:00 AM)  

Those were awesome! You should totally check into selling them. I bet your presentation would rock. Farmer's Market is seriously inspiring, isn't it?!! I went crazy at Pikes in Seattle. You almost don't need to eat, your eyes do all the feasting for you-ha!

Ruth  – (10/04/2008 10:33:00 AM)  

What great markets! I love it all!
You have taken some wonderful photos.

Ruth xx

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