Can't Imagine Why...

I'm sure you've seen it - maybe you've even been on the short end of the job-cut-stick. I just read this on

"Job cuts: Who's next
Employees from Wall Street to Main Street are feeling nervous about their jobs, but certain industries are more at risk than others."

The full article can be found HERE if you're interested.

This whole mess just makes me feel so uneasy and unsettled...and just plain afraid. And very thankful for my husband's good job, even if it means he has to travel more than I'd like.

In other news, Benjamin is in the Boy Scouts program for his first year. It's so cute to see him all dressed in his uniform (One of the moms at the first meeting made the mistake of calling it an "outfit"..."Please, ma'am, it's a uniform" said the Pack leader. Well ok then!).

At the last pack meeting, Ben got his very first patch. The pride on his little glowing face was priceless!

I rushed home to immediately iron his new patch on his uniform. Oh, who am I kidding, I ironed it on just minutes before he needed his uniform for his next meeting. Anyhoo...went to iron the thing on, and look what I found on his Boy Scouts of America badge:

Front of the badge:

Back of the badge:


Mimi  – (10/31/2008 08:44:00 AM)  

Lol! We can't win for losin'!

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