All Better, Just Spoiled

Thank you, Lord. My baby boy is finally on the mend! He woke from a nap on Friday and was covered in sweat, but the fever was finally gone. He was playing and eating. HUGE sigh of relief from this fretful mommy! But then...Saturday.

He woke on Saturday with a fever again (but lower than it had been). Again, not eating and lethargic. AND he was covered in a rash.

My immediate thought was, "Oh no. Please Lord. What is this? He's not up to date on his immunizations...what have I done?"

I was terrified. Took him to the doctor and the doc said, "Oh, this looks like roseola." GASP! What? What's that?!

It's basically a fancy word for...he's gonna have a high fever for a few days then get a rash.


He also had an ear infection, so we got him started on some antibiotics. He's worlds better...but totally accustomed to being carried around everywhere I go. My back is killing me and my house is a mess, but at least my little guy is getting better.

Pardon me while I call the doc to schedule some immunizations...

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