Locks Of Love Donation Tip

Today's tip is for anyone who wants to donate hair to Locks Of Love, but does not want to (or is unable to) donate the 10" they require to make a wig from the hair.

My sweet Clara Rose was in desperate need of a new 'do, and she was hooked on the idea of donating her hair to help a sick little girl somewhere (she has such a heart of gold). But if we were to cut 10" off her hair, it would have been much shorter than either of us wanted her hair to be (she still wanted to be able to do "twists").

While I was researching LOL's frequently asked questions, I learned that hair that is shorter than 10" will NOT be thrown away. Short hair is usually sold to offset wig manufacturing costs, or for short hair wigs (boy wigs maybe).

So we had her hair cut with the pony-tail holder, and we got about 5 inches. We're donating her hair to help sick kids...even if it's not necessarily made into a wig. All Clara knows is that she's helping a sick child somewhere...and that worked for her (and me!).

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Otherwise, head on back to Rocks In My Dryer. (UH-OH! I just realized that this is a "backwards edition" of WFMW. I won't be posting this one on Shannon's list this week...but head on over there anyway. There's a long list of people looking for advice. Maybe you can help!)

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Leigha  – (9/03/2008 05:16:00 PM)  

She is so adorable! Love her new hairstyle!

Miki  – (9/03/2008 08:30:00 PM)  

I had a friend in college that had THEE most beautiful hair...so long, so gorgeous. One day, she came to class with it completely chopped off.

"Oh, I always grow my hair out and then donate it to LOL." she said.

I've always really admired that ever since. I admire your daughter and you for making such a great gesture. I hope they're able to help someone with her beautiful locks of blondeness. I think if I ever needed a wig (even if I chose to go with a short one) I might venture into becoming a blonde. Who says you can't have a little fun amidst the turmoil?

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