The LDS (Mormon) Church, Part 2: Another Followup

Does this bother anyone but me?

Two people earnestly seek the Lord. They ask about the LDS church's authenticity. They pray for guidance and an answer...and they get two very different answers. How can this be?

Is God changing? No.
Is God one thing for you and another for me? No.
Is one of us not really earnestly seeking? Well, maybe. But let's assume no.

What's going on here?

The only logical explanation that I can come up with is that there's a third party getting involved. Could it be...Satan? Sorry - couldn't resist that bit of humor (am I the only one who watches SNL?)

Seriously though. Satan is real and is seeking to destroy and deceive.

Someone is deceived here. We can't both be right!

Don't get me wrong. I don't care about being "right" for the sake of being right. But I do care for the sake of having the True God in my life. I assume you do too.

I've prayed and prayed and prayed. Tears ...knees ...face ...begging ...studying ...praying some more. And my answer is always the same.

And it's a different answer than you all (LDS friends) say you've gotten.

Again, one of us is deceived.

If it's me...not good!
Likewise, if it's you...not good!

From my perspective, if we truly care about one another, this can't be swept under the rug. It's not good enough to "agree to disagree" on such a serious and lasting matter.

There is the Truth of God...and I'm after it. With me?

Oh Lord, help! I want the real you. I want the maker of the heavens and earth. I want the God of Israel who has the power to save. Show me, Lord. Show us all. Reveal yourself to us. Where our hearts are confused or stubborn or prideful or deceived...shine light. Show us where we're mistaken and have believed lies about you. And please, Lord...protect. Put a hedge of protection around us and protect us from the one who seeks to destroy and deceive us. Bind his hands. Bind his lips. By your mighty power, I pray you show us your Truth. Even if it means I'll be embarrassed. Even if it means my family and friends will think I'm crazy. Even if it means my whole life is turned upside down. I'll gladly endure it for the real YOU. Please give us wisdom and discernment. Give us your peace. I pray these things in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Untypically Jia  – (9/10/2008 11:57:00 AM)  

I know you've cried over this Daiquiri . . . and I've cried with you, however many miles away.

Have you even read the Book of Mormon? It sometimes feels like you're looking for contradictions between the doctrine and the Bible and I know you're reading from other influences that I feel are wrong (other websites , etc). Could it be . . . Satan? (Sorry, and yes I watch SNL LOL)

Untypically Jia  – (9/10/2008 12:04:00 PM)  

Another thought I had . . . why don't you invite the Missionaries over? Ask them all your questions. They have such an amazing spirit about them.

Rachel  – (9/10/2008 01:19:00 PM)  

Daiquiri -
I've not read your entire blog - I just stumbled upon it today, but I wanted to comment and offer you some support.

I too have many friends who are LDS and struggle with, cry with, seek out the differences, but I like you see they are very much evident.

How can we be baptized for people who are already dead?
How can we think that Jesus is the literal (thru a physical act) son of God in heaven?
How can we believe that there is more than one god?

I don't see that we can become Gods - living with God in heaven yes, but actually being God - no. I don't see how other books can claim to be right there beside the bible when it state it is the one and only word of God, I don't see where the book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, etc fit.

I just want to encourage you in your faith. I too see a different, but LOVE my friends dearly - I think no less of them for their religious choices, but I see the differences and believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and is the one true God.

Karen  – (9/10/2008 03:42:00 PM)  

Hi Daiquiri,

I've been following your blog as a reader for several months now, and while my schedule's been on overload lately severely limiting my blogging time, I just wanted to take a moment and send some encouragement your way.

I've been following this entire discussion and there's a million thoughts racing through my head on so many comments. I've really appreciated all the insight into the LDS and Mormon faith shared on this blog as it's provided me with so much more understanding of their faith and I'm looking forward to learning more about the differences in our faiths.

While I haven't had time to comment until now, please know your thoughts are truly echoed and you're not alone. One of your initial reasons for beginning this discussion is so that all of us could come together and learn and find truth in a loving, civil format. I pray that will continue.

ldsneighbor  – (9/10/2008 10:50:00 PM)  

Thank you for that beautiful sweet prayer Daiquiri. I think you are right that one of us is deceived, and I think I see how. I want to second what Jia said about "reading from other influences that I feel are wrong". Daiquiri, if you are studying and learning about what the church teaches from sources that distort and create strawmen caricatures of us, and then you pray and ask God if that is wrong, I can see why you are getting an answer that it is wrong. Because that caricature is wrong. If you truly do want to know whether or not it is true, and I believe that you do, then start to read the Book of Mormon. Read it with an open mind and a sincere desire to know. Invite the missionaries over, as Jia suggests. They are authorized ministers of what the LDS Church teaches. After reading the Book of Mormon, pray again to your Father in Heaven and ask him in sincere heartfelt prayer, with faith in Jesus Christ, if the Book of Mormon is of God. I humbly and respectfully submit that you will experience something you are not expecting: a powerful mighty witness from the Holy Spirit that the Book of Mormon is true.

Anonymous –   – (9/11/2008 11:00:00 AM)  

Daiquiri, you are a beautiful, intelligent person and I greatly respect you. Your concerns are real, your question is valid and your frustration is a part of the natural process that I think most people who study the LDS church and doctrine go through. You are on a spiritual journey. Do not despair. I have been through this experience myself. For me, I had to really humble myself and accept that to just stop holding onto outside biased opinions. I want to second (third!) Jia and ldsneighbor's advice. It is the only way.

As we desire and seek for a witness, we should remember that acquiring a testimony or witness of truth is not a passive thing but a process in which we are expected to do something. Jesus taught, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself” (John 7:17).

Now, you HAVE been doing much! It is an admirable effort, and I am not discounting that effort in any way - your blog, your discussions and your study. However, in order to really know if the Latter-day Saint's teachings are true it is critical that you give yourself a fair and unbiased experience to be willing to immerse yourself in a complete study of our official teachings - without going to outside negative biased sources, or being distracted by peripheral dialog. In other words, you need to conduct a fair experiment. You must be willing to lay aside fears and prejudice which abound, and meet with the LDS missionaries assigned to your area for some heart-to-heart and spirit-to-spirit discussions.

It is also critical that you clear your mind, and do a serious reading of the Book of Mormon for yourself, not just a few passages here and there through someone else's magnifying glass. Instead of allowing others to influence you, you must be willing to have a truly personal experience with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and God.

The Book of Mormon contains a sacred promise within it's pages for each one of us (I will highlight things one is required to DO) Moroni 10: 4-6
"Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things, if it be wisdom in God that ye should read them, that ye would remember how merciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men, from the creation of Adam even down until the time that ye shall receive these things, and ponder it in your hearts. And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."

1. Meet with Missionaries, try what they suggest, have a desire to understand & an open mind
2. Read The Book of Mormon.
3. Ponder everything with faith
4. Do this experiment prayerfully. Ask God, Believe He will answer you, and sincerely desire an answer.

Answers from God come after the trial of our faith. Somtimes people pray to Him thinking of Him as some kind of Cosmic Santa who will instantly gratify our wish list. Rather, He wants you to demonstrate your sincerity through action, and He sends the answer in His time. If you are willing to do all of these requirements, you will receive a witness. You have a binding promise.

Summer  – (9/11/2008 08:33:00 PM)  

Wow. Umm- ditto? I guess I'll just chip in, and say I know that God loves us, and wants us to come back and live with him. I know that the Book of Mormon is just one more thing He gave us to help us along the way.

Your question is so simple: is this church led by Satan or Jesus? I think the answer is simple, too... for me, anyway. I just look at the fruit in my life. I'm happy, and I don't feel that ache to search for the right "building" anymore. I just feel like I've got access to the right doors, and now all that's left is to keep knocking, keep learning. Precept by precept, our Heavenly Father sheds light when we ask for it. He does every day!

I know for a fact that He isn't going to tell you something different than He told me. He PROMISED.

Just remember- it's not up to you to convince yourself. (And it's not my job, either- ha!) You just need to ask, and be as obedient as you know how. (Have you ever fasted? Tried giving up SNL for a week or two? I know- sounds crazy, haha. I'm not saying I haven't followed less than holy television- but, seriously, it seems like you really need to be uplifted and clear-minded right now...) And then you are free to quit worrying. The answer part is up to Him.

I don't want to sound like I think "being perfect" is the answer to getting an answer. But I've found you get what you pay for, and this knowledge is a pretty great gift. ;-)

Oh, and I loved the part about your family and friends thinking you're crazy. If it's true- they'll eventually get the same answer you do. And, from what I've seen, you'll probably be the example that leads everyone to search just as dilligently sooner than later.

Well, I'm praying for you, too. :)

Cute baby pics, by the way!

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