They're Baaaack!

I was at the mall yesterday, doing some school shopping for my two older kids. We were getting worn out, but still having a good time. We ate at the food court (Panda Express always makes my day), we had found some great clothes, and we were looking forward to finishing out trip with an ice cream cone on our way out.

But then suddenly and without warning, I was whisked away. I was taken back, back, a place far far away. It was the 1980's!

I had an amazing perm, so my hair was gloriously huge. I made sure it stayed that way by carrying a hair pic and some Aqua Net with me everywhere. Wham! Was telling us to wake 'em up before they went, went. I had pictures of Kirk Cameron and Menudo on my closet door...right next to the poems about love and loss that I had clipped out of Teen Magazine. My heart was broken every 2.5 seconds by that one guy who looked like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

And I was a walking fashion statement. Aside from the most excellent spiral perm mentioned above, I had the makeup thing down. The blue mascara....the purple eyeshadow...the glitter lip gloss. Top it all off with a knock-off perfume from the drug store, and I was set. And the clothes! Oh, the clothes. Stretch pants, leg warmers, long shirts, and big belts wrapped around my waist (over the shirt, and at just the right angle). And of course, no outfit was complete without a nice long strand of beads tied in a knot . I was IT, man! So rad!

And then, just as suddenly as I was whisked away, I was back. I was back at the mall, staring at the reason for my time was a pair of these:

I stood there and pointed and gasped and laughed and looked around for anyone that might be seeing what I was seeing: Stirrup Pants! I can't believe it!! There will likely come a time when I'm buying these for my girls. Oh, and I was so hopeful that my fashion sins would not be revisited upon my daughters.

Please, Lord. Please. The stretch pants...maybe I can live with them. But the blue eyeshadow? Please spare my girls the horror. Better yet, could you maybe come back some time before junior high? Dating? Driving?

I need to go lie down...

Amy  – (8/18/2008 05:18:00 PM)  

LOL LOL LOL you and me both girl - I was a teenager in the 80's too and I loved Wham, Duran Duran, madonna etc. Big hair, permed different colours yep - the stirrup pants? I remember those but thankfully they never graced my legs lol

Anonymous –   – (8/18/2008 05:51:00 PM)  

OH Daiquiri,
THAT is how I remember you...All I can say is that you forgot about the giant "V" neck sweater that we all had and decided to wear BACKWARDS to make a fashion statement. If I remember correctly, I think it back fired. :)

Daiquiri  – (8/18/2008 09:06:00 PM)  

Jodi - Yese! I remember the backwards v-neck sweater fiasco! Yikes. Do you wonder what our parents thought?! Sometimes I ask them, "why did you let me leave the house like that? Don't you love me at all??!!" But I suppose if they tried to stop me...we all know how that would have worked out for them. Ugh.

Hilty Sprouts  – (8/18/2008 10:02:00 PM)  

Like OMG! Stirrup pants are like totally the height of sophistication!

Seriously, that is scary. No one looks good in stirrup pants.

Vansmom  – (8/18/2008 10:04:00 PM)  

*snort* stirrup pants! Dude, I totally wore these when I was a kid! Don't forget the t-shirt clip thingy and the slouch socks!

Anonymous –   – (8/19/2008 07:23:00 AM)  

Wow! This totally takes me back to all my incredibly scary past wardrobe decisions, hilarious! I wore all those things too, including stirrup pants & I can't believe they're actually back. And who could forget rolling the bottom of your jeans (fold over so they're tighter and wrap up twice) coupled with the socks that matched whatever shirt you were wearing. So many styles seem to come back into style with a slight twist, but I'm not sure this is really a good one. Ha!

Miki  – (8/19/2008 11:44:00 AM)  

Oh it's so funny how a lot of us bloggy girls are visiting the past with our kids going back to school. I just tried to go back to the curly lasted one day....O N E D A Y.

Mommy business just can't keep up with self maintenance. you ever think non-showered greasy head will be the "it" thing? I think that would look great with stirrup pants!

Shiloah Baker  – (8/19/2008 07:37:00 PM)  

ROFL What a funny post! I remember those days and still love the music.

I had no idea that stirrup pants were back! How INSANE! I really like the yoga pants of today with the straight leg...must we go back to the tight let bottoms? My daughter learned to roll her pants up- that is a fashion sin in my book! LOL

a  – (8/20/2008 07:42:00 PM)  

Too funny! Were those every flattering on any of us? :) I am seeing so many signs of the 80's lately, too! Scary!

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