Recipe: Homemade Granola Bars

Are you ready to be the hero at your house for having the best snacks in the whole wide world? Then you simply must make a batch of these homemade granola bars. As a good friend said today as she tried one, "These are delish!"

For the recipe I used, click HERE. I followed the recipe except for one thing (what's wrong with me...why can't I ever just do as I'm told??). I added 1 cup of chocolate chips instead of the smaller amount that the recipe calls for. I recommend adding even more than one cup...but I'm a chocolate addict, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt.

Just had to take a minute to share the link for these yummy treats. They're homemade. They're chewey. They're satisfying. They don't have preservatives. They have a bunch of stuff that is actually good for you. I love 'em. The friends love 'em. The kids even love 'em. Let me know what you think!

GeonHui's Bakery  – (8/14/2008 06:01:00 AM)  

Yeah! I'm glad you liked them! Thanks for the link!

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